Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dane Cook Begins His Quest For Global Domination

How many really hot comedians can you think of? Until I stumbled across Dane, I knew of none. If you don't know of Dane Cook or haven't heard any of his stand up, you are missing something in your life that you didn't even know wasn't there. He's totally hilarious, completley original and I have been waiting over 3 years for the rest of the world to catch on.

Well, it's finally happened. Not only is he selling out everywhere he goes (I saw him at the Improv several years ago and he was fantastic,) he's hosted SNL and now is getting ready to do a movie. He has already appeared in several movies including "Waiting" but he's never stared in one!

"Dane Cook is ready to play with the big boys, and he's getting ready to do just that. The reigning Queen King of the Stand-up circuit, Cook has just signed on to star opposite the hottest comedic actor of the moment, Steve Carrell, in the romantic comedy Dan in Real Life, where they play lovers brothers. The Disney project follows a widower (Carell) with three daughters who, while on a family reunion on the Jersey shore, meets a woman he begins to like. But upon returning home, he finds out the woman is his brother's girlfriend. Cook will play the brother. Peter Hedges (About a Boy) is directing."

Go SuperFinger!!!!

Monday, January 30, 2006

Pretty in Pink

I got a new phone! I still have my sidekick and still love it. But I needed something small and sleek to have for when I go out with a small purse, like Church or out dancing. So I picked up this little beauty. Isn't she pretty?

Same Thing, Different Day

I love Red Robin. I'm not ashamed. I say it loud and say it proud. I LOVE RED ROBIN! Now, those of you that know me well might say "how can you LOVE them when you've only had one thing on the menu?" And to that I say, I don't think there's anything wrong with ordering the same thing every time you go to a restaurant.

Here's my reasoning. I know what's good on the menu, I know what I love and what makes my taste buds do back flips. So why would I risk getting something that's just going to leave me feeling unsatisfied? I've been going to Red Robin since I was in high school (a long time ago...) and I have never gotten anything different. Seriously. That's over 13 years of going to the same exact place and never straying from my number one pick. Ever. Every single time I go I get the same thing. So next time you go to RR, give it a shot. Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich with no pineapple and no tomato. and here's what makes it sooo good. Ask them to add onion straws. Oh, it's so good. Mmmmm...I want one right now....

Friday, January 27, 2006

Oprah is Piiiiised!

PLEASE tell me that someone saw Oprah yesterday? Oh, it was so bruuuutal. She was piiiiiised! A few posts ago I talked about how there was a report on the smoking gun website that James Frey, author of "A Million Little Pieces" was being challenged on how true his story was. Well, that just snowballed and the guy totally fessed up on Oprah. She was so mad because she chose this book for her book club and, let's be honest, shot it to number one and helped him maked a ton of money. She totally grilled him and it was almost uncomfortable to watch:

Oprah: James Frey is here and I have to say it is difficult for me to talk to you because I feel really duped. But more importantly, I feel that you betrayed millions of readers. I think it's such a gift to have millions of people to read your work and that bothers me greatly. So now, as I sit here today I don't know what is true and I don't know what isn't. So first of all, I wanted to start with The Smoking Gun report titled, "The Man Who Conned Oprah" and I want to know, were they right?

James: I think most of what they wrote was pretty accurate. Absolutely.

Oprah: Okay.

James: I think they did a good job detailing some of the discrepancies between some of the actual facts of the events…

Oprah: What [The Smoking Gun] said was that you lied about the length of time that you spent in jail. How long were you in jail?

James: [The Smoking Gun was] right about that. I was in [jail] for a few hours.

Oprah: Not 87 days?

James: Correct.

Oprah: I acted in defense of you and as I said, my judgment was clouded because so many people seemed to have gotten so much out of it. But now I feel that you conned us all. Do you?

James: I don't feel like I conned everyone.

Oprah: You don't.

James: No.

Oprah: Why?

James: Because I still think the book is about drug addiction and alcoholism and nobody's disputing that I was a drug addict and an alcoholic. And it's about the battle to overcome that.

Oprah: No, but I remember when you were here the last time in the after show a woman stood up and said, 'You know, after reading this book and seeing you coming through what you came through, the way you did, and you having the attitude that you did makes me feel that I can do it too.' I think you presented a false person.

Oprah: So, I want to move on to the dentist story because anybody who's read the book—when you get to the story of him going to the dentist and you describe having two root canals without Novocain or anesthesia, so graphic, so detailed. You say, 'My face is on fire and the veins in my neck are exploding and my brain is white,' and you describe the white, white hot pain. … And when I first saw you, that's the first thing I asked you about: "That's unbelievable!" Now, you said that that was true. Would you say that today?

James: I…I wrote it from memory. … I had medical documents that supported it … About nine months after the book was released, I was speaking to somebody from the facility. They said that they doubted it happened that way, but that there was a chance that it did—that cases like that are reviewed on an individual basis.

Oprah: This is what I don't get. Because when you were here before, you said that there were about 400 pages of documents. You said you kept a journal. You kept pages. That there were documents and reports of everything that you did. Because I said, "How can you remember such detail? And that's how you explained it to me. I don't know how you remember all the detail and you forget Novocain. So what was true about the dentist and what wasn't? You did go to the dentist?

James: Absolutely.

Oprah: You went to the dentist. What's true about the dentist?

James: I mean, I went to the dentist. I had my front four teeth repaired …as I remember it.

Oprah: With Novocain?

James: I honestly have no idea.

Oprah: Well then why did you say you didn't have Novocain? Because, you know, the last time I went to the dentist, my dentist said that could not have happened. And I said, 'Oh no. It happened. He told me it happened.' …So, why did you do that?

James: I mean, once I talked to the person at the facility about it, you know, the book had been out for nine months. We'd already done a lot of interviews about it. … Since that time I've struggled with the idea of it…"

Oprah: No, the lie of it. That's a lie. It's not an idea, James. That's a lie.

I have to hand it to him though. It takes some gigantic balls to go on her show when you pretty much lied to her face. Ouch! Want to see a little clip? Best week Ever has one.

Gina in the City

Let me start by saying I'm being so unoriginal. Again. This is going to be another piggyback post of Erik's. Ok, so I'm riding on Erik's coat tails (or back) again. I can't help it. His blog inspires me and makes me say "oh totally! Yes! Uh-huh! I know what you mean! Shut up! I was just thinking that!" No really, I honestly say that out loud. And since I usually read his blog at work (er..I mean at home during my own free time..) my co-workers (oops...I mean, my cat) wonder if I have an agreeable and friendly version of turrets.

On his blog he talks about Sex in the City and if anyone ever plays that game where you decide what character you are. Hello! Who DOESN'T do that? He's a Charlotte, which I so agree with. He's a romantic and is usually the one to find something nice to say about some if we can't. He's also kind of a prude when it comes to giving it up, like Charlotte. Ok, maybe I was just kidding about that last sentence. But maybe I wasn't. Intrigued aren't you..

As for me, I'm a Carrie. 100% through and through. I love her. I wish I was as cool as her. I wish I could wear heels with every single outfit. I wish my curly hair looked as fab as hers. I wish I had that awesome chair that Aidan made her. I wish I had the guts to max out my credit cards on designer shoes and bags. Well, guts may be the wrong word. But I love everything about her, except when she wears men's tighty whitey underwear. Those Dun-da-rums don't look good on guys let alone girls! Sorry if any guys that are reading this wear those things, but now you know.

I really and truly have a mad love affair with that show. I have them all on DVD. I even watch the poorly voiced-over edited ones on channel 5. It's not as fun without Samantha's potty mouth, but it calms the jonesin for a while. I TiVo them and keep them for days. I hate that it's all over.

Ok, question. Was anyone else as pissed off as I was that Mr Big's name in the end was John?! I mean, come one. John? Really? That was a bit anti climatic. I was hoping for Christopher or Zanzibar or something! And p.s. I love big, but I love love love Aidan. Besides being so hot that I could barely stand it, he was so tourturously in love with Carrie. Remember when she finally told Aidan that she has been sleeping with Big and had been cheating on him (why would she do that?!) (sleep with Big and cheat on Aidan, not tell Aidian that she cheated) That scene of her when she rushes into the church for Charlottes wedding (alrighty) and Aidan stops her....and tells her that it's over...oh holy shit man...I cry so hard every time..no matter how many times I've seen it. Brutal.

I love Smith Jared too. He's so fine. Another scene that makes me cry..and almost do the ugly cry...is when Samantha is in the bathroom and is about to shave her head because she has Cancer and the chemo is reeking havoc on her....and she's so scared. Big, bad, over confident Samantha who eats powerful suit guys for breakfast... is scared. And in comes Smith and in a move of total swoon-ness and support, he starts shaving his gorgeous long blond hair off. Even though it's his what he's known for, and could make or break his career, he doesn't care. All he cares about is showing Samantha that there's nothing to be scared of while he's standing next to her. *sob* *sob* *sob* So fricken great.

Sorry for the massive over use in !!! and ... but I just can't help myself when it come to SITC. It's just so good that I want you to tell how excited and just plain giddy I am over it. Well, I could go on and on about this show because every episode is amazingly written and perfect in every way. But I have to get back to work...I mean...take my cat for a walk....!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That was an intentional exaggeration, I'm not that bad.)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Giddy for the Gauntlet

First it was America's Next Top Model and The OC. Then My So Called Life. And now Real world and The Gauntlet. I have found my TV soul mate in my good friend Erik. We both are devoted to juicy TV and we have a shared love for the drama that unfolds in the screen.

This post is dedicated and inspired by him. He did a post on his blog about the Gauntlet, so this is kind of a post to go along with that. A piggyback post, if you will. That's my new word(s) of the day. Say it with me: "Piggy Back Post." Lanie's word is "Blog Shy" which I think is great! See Erik, your inspiring people to make up new terms. Amazing what a difference a blog makes.

Anyway, if you have no interest in "The Gauntlet" you can stop reading now. You won't enjoy this post because it's about peeps you don't know and you'll just think I'm totally sucked into some lame show and I should get a life. And I don't need you judging me.

Ok, so let's dive in, shall we? Beth is so trashy and used up but now she's all pumped up because she beat Ruthie. The only she beat Ruthie is because she's bigger. And I don't mean more muscle. I mean more junk in the trunk. That girl is thick. I love how she always is so shocked when people think she's conniving and full of dra-ma. Remember when she got all her clothes thrown in the pool last season? That was hot.

Remember in the first episode Jo totally freaked out and insisted on a police escort out of the house? She called the police and screamed " "I've been seriously manhandled on the island of Tobago." That girl has major issues man!

I miss Veronica because she was the total bitch on wheels. She was such a character from "mean girls!" Totally Fetch! I also miss the Miz because he was always ready to make a fool out of himself for the camera.

Yes, Mark is old. But he's also hot, especially with his faux hawk. I think him and Robin should be together. They're both misunderstand. And drunk. And easy. Could they BE more perfect?

Did you see this weeks episode yet? Kina finds out that Cara and Susie might have an alliance with some of the Vets to throw challenges and she is piiiiiised! She tells Alton(hot boy) and the rest of the Rookies. Later in their "after challenge" meeting, Landon confronts them about the rumor of them being part of an alliance and the Susie immediately starts going into the ugly cry. Wow. It was great.

I think Derrick is a TOTAL pitbull. He was in the gauntlet with Ace this week and it was like watching extas on the set of Troy. He was getting so low that Ace had to get on his belly practically. Derrick was foaming at the mouth big time. He's aggressive, angry and drunk. He totally has short mans complex and would have no hesitation in head butting some guy just to prove he can. I like him. Everyone needs one of those guys on their team. Just incase. He's like your wild card. As you can see, when you pair him with Landon, you're pretty much covered. You pull him out when no one expects it and BAM! Headbutting ensues.

You can check out insider info from Katie at some blog she's keeping pretty updated. Did anyone ever see her on that other show where they made a movie and all the actors from different reality shows. She was insane. She got completley hammered and was such a total bitch. She was whatever the complete opposite of classy is.

Ok, I think I have gone on enough about all this. Now that I think about it, this post is pretty much to Erik since I don't know anyone else that likes this show. So Erik, hope you enjoyed it!

R.I.P. Chris

I can't believe that Chris Penn died. Tragic. How does this happen? He was completely under rated and was a great talent. R.I.P. buddy.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Kobe's the Man!

Holy Crap! Kobe is just out of control! He scored an staggering 81 points at Sunday's game and showed those Toronto Raptors who's boss! That puts him behind only Wilt Chamberlain on the all-time scoring list. Michael Jordan's career high was 69 points, and only four players had ever scored more than 70 -- Chamberlain, Baylor, David Thompson and David Robinson. At this rate, Kobe just might make watching the Lakers fun and exciting again!

Wouldn't be amazing to be able to have some of that history for your own? Well now you can. Some genius is selling those 81 points on eBay (in liquid form) in a jar. Yes, you heard me correctly. So far he's got 29 bids and it's up to $118.61. Hurry..you only have 9 days and 12 hours to have a chance to bring home the magic!

Last Holiday

The days are so full and they seem to just go rushing by. Before you know it, it's been 2 weeks, or a month. To put a stop to this, my girlfriends and I all went the movies. We decided on a matinee so we could save a few buck. Image my horror when we got there, and the "bargin" time slot was $7.50! Talk about inflation! Anyway, we bought our tickets and wondered inside to settle in for Queen Latifa's new movie "Last Holiday." Ok, so it was no "Munich" or "Syriana." But that's the point. We wanted something light hearted and fun that we could just veg out to. It was a perfect pick. It was a light hearted movie, but completely lame. It was well written and Queen Latifa was great. She always comes across as so genuine and I like that about her. Plus, LL Cool J was in it, and that boy is fiiine! We left the theater feeling relaxed, happy and optimistic about life. After all, we weren't going to die in 2 weeks, and that's always a good thing.

After the movie, all seven of us hit "Karl Strauss" for some pitchers of Woodie Gold, some cocktails and some grub. If you've never been there, Fiona and I highly recommend the "avocado beef rolls." They're a little piece of heaven. We had such a great time just hanging out and catching up. The only thing that was missing was Moe! She's in Arizona and couldn't be there, but she was definitly there in spirit!

It's amazing what kind of friends I have. I won't get all sappy on you, but they have been my girls for the past 7 1/2 years, and there has never been a time when I didn't feel like I could go to anyone of them to lean on. And vice versa. There's never been any kind of fights, drama, jealousy or anything like that. We've always supported each other and ALWAYS have so much fun together. These are the friends I will grow old with and I couldn't be happier about that.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Is TomKat real?

Will someone please explain TomKat to me? I just don't understand how or what they are. Girlfriend/boyfriend? Lovers? Friends? Aliens? The whole thing is just way to far fetched for my liking. They have this crazy whirlwind, jumping-on-couches kind of courtship and within a blink of an eye, they're engaged and have a bun in the oven. And somethings up with that bun becasue it keeps changing size! One day it's protuding like she's got twins in there, and then suddenly, it just looks like she's retaining water and is feeling bloated. Which is it? (click on the photo to see it bigger.) And I don't know about you, but between all the soccer games (tom's kids) that they go to (and make out!!!) and popping up at every premire and red carpet event, i'm a little sick of having it all shoved down my throat. Hmm...maybe that's how Katie feels?

Would Tom really try and hold one over on us? Is it true that he's gay and this is merely a slick PR fueled diversion? (to my Gays: discuss and share please.) And if so, why can't he just come out of the closet like a real man? There is definitly something not right about him...like at any moment he's going to peel back his face to reveal the inner workings of a high tech robot or something. Ok, fine. You're a robot Tom. You're a big, fancy, gay robot. Good for you. Just get it over with so we don't have to watch any more of that awful, uncomfortable and so obviously posed "dip and kiss" on the red carpet, and the soccer games, and the grocery store....

Friday, January 20, 2006

TV Land

I have a couple of exciting TV news tidbits!

Rock Star has been picked up for another season. Who will be the next band looking for a singer? There were rumors it was Van Halen, but that got squashed. Did anyone watch this last time? I admit, I did get sucked into the whole thing. I knew from the beginning that J.D. was going to win because all the other contestants were way to safe. They wanted someone that was going to get them some attention. Ok, let's think of which band is going to be on it next. New Kids on the Block? They lost Donnie Wahlburg to acting so they need to fill his spot. How about The Spice Girls? The only reason they really broke up is because Ginger left. They couldn't hack it on their own. Damn you Ginger! Why did you leave? I guess a girl can only take so much of being half naked in 10" rave platforms and yelling "Gurl Pow-aaaaaa!"

March 8th will be a beautiful day. It's the return of one of my favorite shows ever, America's Next Top Model. I wish they'd bring Janice back but as long as they keep Nigel around, I won't complain. Did you hear that hoopla about cycle 1's winner, Adrienne Curry? She's the one who's hooked up with a Brady on pressured him into proposing to her about 6 months!) Anyway, she's on the cover of Playboy this month. I checked out the article (am I the only one who reads them?) and she rips our little Ty Ty to pieces! She said that when the cameras are on, Tyra is super sweet, but as soon as they turn off, she's like Naomi Campbell on crack! How screwed up is that? This is the woman who gave you your start! Show some respect skank!

I know that Erik is a die hard fan for ANTM just like me, so I know that between his blog and mine, there will be lots of updates on the show. I am SO dying for Tyra to go off on a girl like she did that one time with Tiffany in cycle 4. That was rad! I thought Tyra's head was going to spin around and start talking in that weird scary voice like in exorcist. If the panel hadn't been between them, she looked like she would have bitch slapped her right there and then. Maybe Adrienne was right...

Aint Karma a bitch!

Are you watching "My name is Earl?" If you're not, you don't know what your missing. (Thursday night at 9pm on NBC.) I have to watch it on live tv because my TiVo is doing double duty with "CSI" and "The OC." That's how much I like this show. I tolerate commercials! It's well written and keeps things simple. No fancy stunts, gimmics or big fancy car chases. Just Earl, trying to redeem himself for all the crappy things he's done in his life. He's on the karma kick because he heard Carson Daley say that his "success is a direct result of doing good things for other people" So now he want to right all his wrongs in hopes of living a better life.

The cast is perfectly put together. They all have their own personalities that make this show so funny. I love Jason Lee! A long time ago I went to "Pageant of the Masters" with my family and he was there with some skanky looking chick. Ok, she wasn't entirely skanky, but he could have done so much better. He looked exactly like he does in his movies (Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Almost Famous.) You know how sometimes you see a celebrity in real life and they look nothing like you thought they would? Well not Jason. He looks like him. He was very mellow and kept to himself, not drawing any attention. (not like the other people there were partying it up with Jello shots and jaguar Bombs.) Infact, I don't know that anyone else knew who he was. I suppose the crowd at Pageant isn't the same demographic that would find "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back." (I love both!)

Can you believe the guy Jason Lee is talking to here is Jon Favreau??? Yes, that Jon Favreau. Is he staring in the same movie as Jared Leto and playing the same character? I saw him on Carson Daley (pure coincidince with the Carson D running theme) and I couldn't believe it. It looked like Jon Favreau ate Jon Favreau. And Vince Vaughn while he was at it.

What's going on JF? Swingers (cocktails first. questions later) is one of my all time favorite movies (best when watched with Fi) and yes, I know that movie was a long time ago, but you are barely recognizable now. You look just plain uncomfortable. I'm concerned about you. What do you say you and me hit Bally's and do a little circuit training. It will be good for both of us. "I don't want you to be the guy in the PG-13 movie everyone's 'really' hoping makes it happen. I want you to be like the guy in the rated R movie, you know, the guy you're not sure whether or not you like yet. You're not sure where he's coming from. Okay? You're a bad man. You're a bad man, Mikey. You're a bad man, bad man." I'm saying all this only because I love you Jon Boy. And no matter what size you are, I will always think your totally money.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Shake it don't break it

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Lanie and I have just started taking these hip hop dance classes for fun. It's so awesome because the music they play is from the late 80 and early 90's. Totally our generation. I've always loved dancing and it's always come naturally to me. When I go out to the club with my girlfriends I do my thing. And my thing is dancing. I get out on the dance floor and I shake my ass with the rest of them.

Here's where I'm baffled. Every week when I go to this dance class, it's as if I checked my rhythm at the door! I swear, I can hardly believe it's me posing awkwardly in front of the mirror. I don't know if it's because the teacher is breaking things down into a million little pieces and it's all very procedural (is that even a word?) or am i just getting old? I guess it's time for a girls night at Pierce Street to find out. Jauger Bombs here we come!

I Heart Jordan Catalano

Jordan Catalano. With those 2 words, girls everywhere swoon. I had it bad for him. I was so crazy about this guy that I had his posters on my wall and watched every single episode of "my so called life" (MSCL.) My favorite episode was when he was in a band with Rayanne (the cool, crazy and unpredictable one) and they got a gig at this coffee shop/bar. Right when she was supposed to start singing "I wanna be sedated" Rayanne got stage fright and ran off the stage. That's when my Jordan stepped in. He sang his hot little heart out and I thought I was going to die of a broken heart because I couldn't be with him. Did I mention that I was 18? Yea, that's pretty sad. But I couldn't help it. There was just something about him that made me crazy!

That was over 10 years ago, and since then we've seen him in several movies including "requiem for a dream" and of course "fight club." So, how's he looking these days?..........

OH NO!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM???? Relax, he hasn't just let himself go. It's for his new movie called "Chapter 27." The film is about Mark David Chapman and the days leading up to his infamous murder of Beatle John Lennon. Because our Jared is so passionate about his craft, he has gained 30lbs so that he can look more like the the man he is portraying. Amazing what a few pounds on someone does.

My girl Lindsey is also in the movie with him and they had been seeing each other (in secret of course) for the past 6 months. I guess if he's going to have a girlfriend I'm glad it's Linds. He's looking pretty hot in the photo!

In a weird twist, it's now rumored that Lindsay is dating Sean Lennon. She's in a movie about the murder of his Dad, and now she's dating him. See how that's weird? Wow, I can't believe I just did a whole post about Jared Leto. Now that's weird.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ryan and Alanis

Can someone out there please try to make sense out of this couple for me? He's gorgeous. She looks like his Mom. It's just weird.

This has been on my mind for some while, and although I know it's completley superficial, I still have to get it off my chest. They are just such an odd match.


My Fendi Fetish

I'm the first one to admit that I have a ridiculous obsession with purses. I have big ones, small ones, messenger, clutch, hobo, you name it, I have it. They range in beautiful hues and textures and I love them all. Every now and then a new designer bag floats onto the market ranging in price from $750 and up. Once I see "the" bag, I fall madly and deeply in love and I can think of nothing else, vowing to own it at any means necessary.

Now when I say "at any means necessary"what I really mean is, "as soon as I can find a convincing knock off on Ebay." I wish I had the gumption (and the cash!) to drop a cool grand on a bag, but that has never happened in my life, and I don't expect that it ever will. I guess I just don't foresee myself ever being in a position financially to be able to say "there's nothing better I could use this money for." Wait a sec, that doesn't sound very optimistic does it? Ok Erik, this one's for you. I have never spent $1000 on a purse, but one day I vow that I will. (Hey, I never said it had to be my $1000!)

My most current obsession in with the Fendi Spy Bag. It's so pretty that I get the stomach flips when I look at it. (Ok, I know some of you are thinking that I'm being totally superficial, but I'm not. Think about the way some guys admire and obsess over their cars. Same thing.) Anyway, I have been dancing around buying one of these for the past 5 months because even the knock offs are in the $300+ range, and that's waaay out of my price range. But I just love it so much. LOOK at it! It's like a piece of art...very expensive art. I thought that maybe writing about it would calm the monkey off my back, but no such luck. This bag is so hot, even the monkey wants one. Go figure.

Is that you Paul Lipton?

I love my Blockbuster online membership. Pure movie heaven. No muss no muss. The latest movie that it delivered to me was Red Eye, directed by Wes Craven. I won't do the whole movie review thing because that's Jesse's department (you're so good at it Pascal!) but I will say that I enjoyed it. Matty and I went over to Shane and Fi's on Sunday night to watch it together. Suspense movies are always more fun with a group. It's got to be hard to keep a movie interesting when practicably the whole thing takes place on a plane. But surprisingly, I got sucked in (I think watching the movie in the dark helped.) There were even parts where Fi and I were yelling at the screen (don't go in there you crazy bitch!!! Knock him out and piss on his face!!!)

Anyway, the main character's(Rachel McAdams) dad comes on the screen, and all I keep thinking is "I didn't know James Lipton was in this movie!" I swear this guy could totally be him except he doesn't have the weird voice and say things like "when you arrive at the gates of Heaven, what would you like to hear God say?" So the only other conclusion that I could come up with is that James Lipton has a twin brother. And this twin brother is an actor. And the only thing he's ever been in is "Red Eye" staring Rachel McAdams. Far fetched? Yes. Could be possible? Absolutley. I don't know his name, but I'm going to go with "Paul." Paul's a good solid name. And if I had twins and one was named James, I would want the other son to Paul because I think those names go nicely together. I wonder what Paul Lipton's favorite curse word is?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Old Skool Crew

Ok bitches, I'm feeling nostalgic. So join me in a trip down memory lane. Well, maybe not a whole trip, maybe more of a skip.

<----Check us out. My high school posse. They were my Starky and Hutch. My Cagney and Lacey. My Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte(yes, I'm Carrie. My story, I get to pick.) We were inseperable and did everything together. This photo was taken 2 years after I graduated, so I was 19. Wow...19! We're just hanging out in Erik's room, (looking hot with the blonde hair!) thinking of ways to cause trouble. I think we were about to act out our own talk show complete with hoe's and throwing chairs a la Jerry Springer (hey, we were thespians, ok? It's what we did.) Or maybe it was more Sally Jesse Raphael. Yea, i think i remember Erik and Jesse fighting over who got to wear the imaginary red glasses.

It still trips me out when we all get togehter that we have known each other as long as we have. In fact, every single person in the above photo will be getting together in a few weeks for a game night. It's incredible that we still like each other. (We do all still like each other, right?) 11 years later and we still look young and feel untarnished by the real world. Well, ok, maybe not. But at least we're all still talking to each other!

These photo's are from forever ago! I had boxes in my garage from when I moved from Peppertree that I hadn't gone through. Well, this weekend I went through each and every one of them and I hit the memory jackpot. I found stacks of photos from my high school years and yes, I'm sporting pretty heavy eyebrows in all of them! It's so awesome to look at how much fun we had in high school. We amused each other and that's just so much more gratifying than getting good grades:)

Here we are in my parents kitchen..young, impressionable and...um....I'm sorry...I'm a little distracted by..wow, my eyebrows are really taking the focus away from everything else. They are just so huge. Anyway, this was a typical Friday or Saturday night, probably after going to Dennys, popping open the little creamer packets and....wow..they're like angry little catapillars trying to inch their way off my face...yikes...ok, sorry..got distracted again. Check out Jesse doing the white mans overbite to perfection. And only Lanie and Jen could look sweet and innocent while flipping the bird! The other guy (shrimp in the back row) is Justin. In high school he took his craft of being an actor very seriously, and he knew he was going to be a big famous actor. Last I heard, he was practicing his art inside the suit of Donald Duck at Disneyland. But that was back in college. He may be Brad Pitts stunt double by now.

This is a classic photo of me and my Homeskillet Lanie X. Johnson. Matching Addidas jackets. Cold hard state downs. We were a force to be reckoned with. We were the pooh. It's funny because the two of us have a lot of photo's of us like this. I think in our own minds we were Cholitas and proud to be! Oh crap...there are those eyebrows again...

I have tons more photos so I'll try and get some more up to laugh at. You know what, I loved high school. I really mean that. I had the time of my life. Not because of the educational experience, but because I had the best friends a girl could ask for. They made each year more fun than the next. There's just too many names to say thank you so instead I'm throwing this shout out to my main hot bitches Jesse, Erik, Rayline, Jen and of course my main homeslice Lanie. See you guys at game night!

Bongo in the OC

Here's the new Bongo ad featuring the "Laguna Beach" kids. How did this happen? Is it just me, or is it bizarre that 6 kids from Laguna are in an ad campaign? Don't get me wrong, I'm totally sucked into the show. Ugh...I hate myself for knowing all their names and I'm still torn between Team LC (sweet but safe) and Team Kristen (catty but fierce.) But I love it, wouldn't miss an episode and can't wait for the new season to start. I love discussing last nights episode with my girlfriends (Fifi!!) although talking about these people like I actually know them might be perceived as a temporary lapse in sanity. (Alex should totally bitch slap Casey for telling her maid make her a quesidilla!) But an ad campaign. Really? And hello, could they make Stephens ass look any bigger? He's the hottest one out of the group and they have to make him look like he's got a big ole kadunct. Haters.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Trails

After reading Erik's blog entry about how many states he's been to (24!) I thought about my travels within the US. Wow...I'm beyond flunking! I just kicked out of NHHS and I'm on my way to Back Bay! I have only been to 5 that I can think of. I hit up Matt because I know he's done a lot of traveling within the US. It turns out he's been to 14 states, which I think is a lot! 27% to be exact. Check it out!---------> Create your own visited states map, or visited countries map! What's your percentage?? Thanks for the hook up Erik!

Ah Hell to tha NO!!!

Oh Whitney, what the hell happened to you? This is a classic example of what happens when you involve yourself with the wrong people. You used to be beautiful, talented, admired and marveled. Now your a wig toting, nappy fur wearing, cracked out wash up. One word. Rehab. One more word. Now. If you can get yoursellf cleaned up, I could see you making a big comeback. If Mariah can bounce back from "Glitter," you can shake off the white china and pull it together. All it takes is one song. And some half decent hair. Do it for the kids.

One to add

Ok, so I left my "new goodies of 2006" at nine items, and I thought I could hang with that, but it's been kind of bugging me all weekend. It should be 10 right? A list of 10 seems much more complete. I fear that I have a very mild case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. No really, it's true. I catch myself doing things sometimes.....things that I try to convince myself are normal, but in the back of my mind...I wonder. For instance, I will pick up my glass of soda, take a drink and then when I go to put it down on the table, it hits my plate. Then I have to repeat it again....take a drink and then set the glass down and if doesn't hit the plate, it's all good. If not, I have to do it again until I can take a drink and set it on the table without hitting anything. Like I said, it's very mild, but it's still weird. Does anyone else have this problem. Please??

Anyway, my point is that I have a 10th item for my list of new 2006 goodies, and it's a fabulous one. But in order to prescribe myself a little "self help" I am going to list is here, in a completely different post. That has nothing to do with the below post. Ok. Here I go. I'm going to do it. Deep breath..............................Ok, it goes!

10. Lazy Sunday - Chonicles Of Narnia. This is probably the most original and greatest thing that I have seen on Saturday Night Live in a very long time. It features a sic rap by Andy Samberg & Chris Parnell, and it describes their Sunday, heading to the movies to see Chronicles of Narnia. It's really quite brilliant, and I have such a hard crush on Samberg!!! Check out the video and then give me some feedback! Oh, and here are the lyrics if you want to rap along:

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Check out my goodies

So I know that we aren't even half way through the first month of the new year, but I have already formed an opinion on some things that are my new favorite goodies for 2006. Aren't I ahead of the game!

1. Erik's "my year of new things" blog. It's funny, it's interesting, it's everything I wish my blog was. I am begging him to make it into a book or a movie. It helps me get through my day and always makes me laugh. By the way, yes, Erik is sporting a handle bar mustache in this photo. Why? Well, because he's never had one. And that's what this year is all about!

2. Jet CD (Get Born) Ok, I know this isn't exactly new, but it's just so good and I really don't think people have taken the time to listen to it and fully appreciate it. It has a strong Beatles influence running through a lot of the tracks which could be hard to appreciate if your a Beatles fan. Well, I am, and I love this CD.

3. The OC -I know there are haters out that that just don't see the point in this little slice of heaven, but I love this show. It's over acted, dramatic, cheesy and completely unrealistic. Which is exactly why I love it so much. If I wanted something that was real, why would I be watching TV?

4. SideKick II- Ok, so I know I'm being a total poser with this, but I love my sidekick. I never realized how great it is to have internet access at the drop of a hat. I don't have it blinged out with the crystals because that really is being a poser. (but I secretly so badly want to do that!!!)

5. Michael Buble - if you don't own any of his CD's, I weep for you. He is an incredible artist who sounds like a throw back to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Harry Connick Jr etc. Love Love Love him. He's playing in Vegas next month....I'm looking around the room right now to see if there's anything I can sell..

6. myspace - I hate to even put this on my list, but it's true. I was such a non believer of this whole concept for so long that I didn't even sign up until a few months ago. And am in deep now. It's like Erik said..it's internet cocaine! From having my account and doing a minimal amount of exploring, I have gotten back in touch with a ton of people from high school. Not that I really want to hang out with them or anything, but it's pretty cool to see what they're up to now. Wait, let me retract my prior statement. The people I DO hang out with and love are my best peeps from back in the day, old crew. Lanie, Jesse, Erik and Rayline. Myspace is a pretty simple idea. Why didn't I think of that? Damn it!

7. A million little pieces, by James Frey. I admit, I first of this book on Oprah (don't hate, you know you love her too!) I had never read any other book from her suggested reading list because I read what I want, when I want. ok, that didn't sounds as tough as I thought, but anyway..I loved this book. It was so horrific and disturbing in places that you could hardly believe it was a true story. I just couldn't believe the hell that one person could go through and still come out somewhat normal. Well, it seems I may have not been too far off. Shame on you James Frey.

8. Americas Next Top Model. Yes, I know that the new cycle hasn't even begun yet, but that won't stop me from putting this on my list as a definite favorite of 2006. But let me say, I haven't always agreed with the winners that have been picked. My biggest upset was when Naima won. Are you kidding me? What, because she slaps on a mohawk she's cutting edge. I thought that Lluvy should have won. She was completely original and totally different looking. So far, my favorite winner is Eva. Why? Well, because she managed to go through the whole show with no one commenting on the fact that her nose looks just like a pigs and her last name is Pigford. Now that's fierce! Season after season, it never disappoints. And how hot is Nigel?!!!! Holla!

9. Lindsay Lohan is the new Nicole Richie. Ok, I can hear the groans already. But let me say this. I don't love her for anything to do with her career such as her acting or her musical accomplishments (dripping sarcasm.) I don't know why I dig her, I just do. I guess I just love her as a celebrity. I don't have any hard hitting reason. Just think she rocks. So deal.

Ok, that's all for today. I will try to write more later.
Peace out bitches!