Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Is that you Paul Lipton?

I love my Blockbuster online membership. Pure movie heaven. No muss no muss. The latest movie that it delivered to me was Red Eye, directed by Wes Craven. I won't do the whole movie review thing because that's Jesse's department (you're so good at it Pascal!) but I will say that I enjoyed it. Matty and I went over to Shane and Fi's on Sunday night to watch it together. Suspense movies are always more fun with a group. It's got to be hard to keep a movie interesting when practicably the whole thing takes place on a plane. But surprisingly, I got sucked in (I think watching the movie in the dark helped.) There were even parts where Fi and I were yelling at the screen (don't go in there you crazy bitch!!! Knock him out and piss on his face!!!)

Anyway, the main character's(Rachel McAdams) dad comes on the screen, and all I keep thinking is "I didn't know James Lipton was in this movie!" I swear this guy could totally be him except he doesn't have the weird voice and say things like "when you arrive at the gates of Heaven, what would you like to hear God say?" So the only other conclusion that I could come up with is that James Lipton has a twin brother. And this twin brother is an actor. And the only thing he's ever been in is "Red Eye" staring Rachel McAdams. Far fetched? Yes. Could be possible? Absolutley. I don't know his name, but I'm going to go with "Paul." Paul's a good solid name. And if I had twins and one was named James, I would want the other son to Paul because I think those names go nicely together. I wonder what Paul Lipton's favorite curse word is?


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