Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Old Skool Crew

Ok bitches, I'm feeling nostalgic. So join me in a trip down memory lane. Well, maybe not a whole trip, maybe more of a skip.

<----Check us out. My high school posse. They were my Starky and Hutch. My Cagney and Lacey. My Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte(yes, I'm Carrie. My story, I get to pick.) We were inseperable and did everything together. This photo was taken 2 years after I graduated, so I was 19. Wow...19! We're just hanging out in Erik's room, (looking hot with the blonde hair!) thinking of ways to cause trouble. I think we were about to act out our own talk show complete with hoe's and throwing chairs a la Jerry Springer (hey, we were thespians, ok? It's what we did.) Or maybe it was more Sally Jesse Raphael. Yea, i think i remember Erik and Jesse fighting over who got to wear the imaginary red glasses.

It still trips me out when we all get togehter that we have known each other as long as we have. In fact, every single person in the above photo will be getting together in a few weeks for a game night. It's incredible that we still like each other. (We do all still like each other, right?) 11 years later and we still look young and feel untarnished by the real world. Well, ok, maybe not. But at least we're all still talking to each other!

These photo's are from forever ago! I had boxes in my garage from when I moved from Peppertree that I hadn't gone through. Well, this weekend I went through each and every one of them and I hit the memory jackpot. I found stacks of photos from my high school years and yes, I'm sporting pretty heavy eyebrows in all of them! It's so awesome to look at how much fun we had in high school. We amused each other and that's just so much more gratifying than getting good grades:)

Here we are in my parents kitchen..young, impressionable and...um....I'm sorry...I'm a little distracted by..wow, my eyebrows are really taking the focus away from everything else. They are just so huge. Anyway, this was a typical Friday or Saturday night, probably after going to Dennys, popping open the little creamer packets and....wow..they're like angry little catapillars trying to inch their way off my face...yikes...ok, sorry..got distracted again. Check out Jesse doing the white mans overbite to perfection. And only Lanie and Jen could look sweet and innocent while flipping the bird! The other guy (shrimp in the back row) is Justin. In high school he took his craft of being an actor very seriously, and he knew he was going to be a big famous actor. Last I heard, he was practicing his art inside the suit of Donald Duck at Disneyland. But that was back in college. He may be Brad Pitts stunt double by now.

This is a classic photo of me and my Homeskillet Lanie X. Johnson. Matching Addidas jackets. Cold hard state downs. We were a force to be reckoned with. We were the pooh. It's funny because the two of us have a lot of photo's of us like this. I think in our own minds we were Cholitas and proud to be! Oh crap...there are those eyebrows again...

I have tons more photos so I'll try and get some more up to laugh at. You know what, I loved high school. I really mean that. I had the time of my life. Not because of the educational experience, but because I had the best friends a girl could ask for. They made each year more fun than the next. There's just too many names to say thank you so instead I'm throwing this shout out to my main hot bitches Jesse, Erik, Rayline, Jen and of course my main homeslice Lanie. See you guys at game night!


At 12:47 PM, Anonymous nico said...

that's funny shit man... i linked here from jesse's lj and was half afraid i would see some terrible picture of myself!

At 1:24 PM, Blogger Jesse said...

I feel like was a "Boys On The Side" joke made while taking the bed photo.

And remember who took that pic? The stinky French guy Archie!

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Erik said...

Jesse, oh my god, you're right, that WAS archie who took that photo!!!

Gina, I love that you posted these photos. i totally remember all of them. I took the one where everyone is flipping off the camera. You guys were flipping off me.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger Erik said...

I was looking at the picture of the Laguna Beach kids that you have in your other post, and then looking at the pictures of us, and I was all, WE are totally so much cooler than those Laguna Beach kids. You know? Am I right, or what?

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Gina said...

Nicole-I do have some photos of you and a bunch of us hanging out in the hall outside the drama room. I'll have to scan them so you can check them out!

Jesse, you're right! It WAS boys on the side. Lanie reminded me last night that it was "girls on top, boys on the side!" And yes, I remember Archie. I actually have photo's of him too!

Erik-I do remember all of us flipping you off. The other photos from that night are sweet! I'll bring them to game night.


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