Friday, August 31, 2007

Brit finally delivers

OMG! Have you heard Brits new single? It's called "gimmie more" and it's not bad! Check it out here. It's her usual poppy fluff, but the more I hear it the more I like it.

And now there's a new remix version with TI and it's pretty fabulous! Perez Hilton has it up on his site so you can check it out there.

The rumor is still that she's going to perform at the MTV awards this weekend. I want her to and I want her to bring it.

Come on Brit, this could be your last chance at redeeming yourself and having a come back!

Set your Tivo's

Edie is in the promo poster, so my bet is that she's not dead. It was probably a dream sequence. I guess we'll have to wait and find out. This show is consistently good and I can't wait for the new season!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's baaaack!

I'm so excited that a new season of American's Next Top Model is going to begin soon. This show has been on for several years, but is always entertaining and always gets me totally sucked in.

These are the next hopefuls that will be battling it out for the title. I wonder which one is going to cry and throw a fit when they cut her hair. You know there's always one!
Cycle 9 premiers on September 19th at 8pm on the CW.

Chris Cornell Concert 08.05.07

Fiona, Claudia and I went and saw Chris Cornell on Aug 5th at Pacific Amp and it was amazing! Not only to hang out and spend the evening together, but to be outside under the night sky and have a rockin' good time.

There's really nothing that can give you the same feeling as like live music. It washes over you like a love and happiness cocktail and for those precious moments, all is right with the world.

Skin tight

Boys in skinny jeans...can be hot, but usually isn't. Pete Wentz proves my point.

New and Improved

John Mayer is looking good. Wait, let me rephrase that. John Mayer is looking even better than usual. Gone is the big hair and white skin. Suddenly it's all about an short amazing hair cut and a tan and suddenly he's a poster boy for "Dayum!"

He needs to tour again soon because I missed the last time he was out and he really is incredible in concert. One of the best concerts I have ever been to was Maroon 5 and John was such an amazing night!

So althought he's not touring, he's still keeping busy. He's staring in some new Gap ads, and the word on the street is that he is dating Cameron Diaz. I think that's a great fit and can totally see them together!

Hopefully he'll have a new album out and that will give him a reason to get out there and bring it to the people.

Bring the beat back

American Idol gets you all sucked in. And I was rooting for Blake. He should have won, hands down. But I wasn't too worried because I knew he'd have no problem having a career in the music industry. Here's what's coming up for him:

American Idol 6 runner-up Blake Lewis has signed with Arista Records, and “[h]is debut album is slated for release later this year,” the AP reports.
Blake recently told Billboard that the album will be “your favorite ’80s mix tape, very inspired by Michael Jackson, Prince, Erasure, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, the Cure. It’s all over the map, really — very influenced by ’80s hip-hop, old school breaks, whatever.”
“They’re letting me down the album I’ve always wanted to make,” he said. Blake has “written 11 of his own songs for the set,” and “he’s recorded eight songs so far, working with producers such as Sam Hollander, Mike Elizondo and J.R. Rotem, with bt working on another track,” Billboard reports.

I'm sure whatever he does will be great and I just hope that "you give love a bad na-na-na-naaaame" is on there.

By the way, Jordin (the winner of AI) just released her first single, and I have to say that it's nothing special or different or original. Bummer.