Tuesday, February 28, 2006

John Mayer is super organic

I love me some John Mayer. He's hot in a weird looking kind of way and I dig his music. He seems like a laid back guy who probably enjoys some beers with dinner and smokes a joint for dessert. He's got a great, dry sense of humor (did you catch him on Chappelle Show a while back?) I definitely wouldn't peg him as a diva (divo?) or high maintainance.

So I did some checking on thesmokinggun.com and I was right. He's just a down to earth guy who enjoys reading the New York Times and has a perfectly good reason for needing 2 tubes of crazy glue before a show.

Our little John boy has some lengthy requests for his dressing room. And it turn out he's a health nut. Along with soy milk and organic fruit bowls he's also requesting organic raisin bran, organic tea and organic lip balms! And he is obviously invested in taking care of his mouth because he asks for "soft head" toothbrushes, mouthwash, mint-flavored toothpaste and Altoids breath mints. What a guy!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Laguna Dirt

If you're a fan of "Laguna Beach" on MTV, here's a few tidbits that may be interesting to you.

The main cast from season one & two were paid $2,000 for each season. This only applied to the people that appeared in the opening credits. Other cast members were paid half for each season. The third season cast will be paid $4,000 a season if they are a "main" person. Other cast members are paid half ($2,000 a season).

TALAN & LALAINE VERGARA-PARAS ARE NOW DATING.According to a cast member from Season 3, Talan is now dating LaLaine (Miranda Sanchez from Lizzie McGuire) and Jessica's friend, Nikki, says "the way the convo went, I'm convinced it's accurate.."

Nikki (who used to be good friends with Kristin) says that Kristin was not faithful to Stephen during their relationship. A post she made on the message board reads "She did do something to me that was a bit whorish -- hooking up with my ex bf at prom, when she went with Stephen."

KRISTIN'S TOO "HOLLYWOOD" FOR HER LAGUNA FRIENDS NOWKristin lived with her Laguna friends when she moved to L.A. Kristin moved out shortly after & does not keep in touch with any of friends from high school. "They've said that she's gotten too big of a head" was posted @ the forum.

KRISTIN'S BMW = NOT A GRADUATION PRESENT FROM DADDY OR MTVMTV bought Kristin's old car (the isuzu) and the money may have went towards her BMW SUV. The car was not a graduation present but was given to her before spring break.

FILMING FOR LAGUNA BEACH WAS/IS SCHEDULED:Filming for the show is done on certain days. The MTV crew will call the cast members and have them meet at a certain place (MTV must have permission from public places like restaurants & stores to film there). Each season is filmed over an 8 month period. Although the script is not physically written out, the cast members are to be at a certain place and talk about certain things as told & directed by MTV.

LOVE TRIANGLE BETWEEN LC, STEPHEN, & KRISTIN-- NOT FAKE!!From someone who hung out with the cast members, he saw many occasions where Kristin had to rip LC off of Stephen every time they were together. The fighting between Kristin & LC was much worse off camera. Stephen "hooked up" with LC numerous times, while dating Kristin.

Lauren was anorexic her freshman year, part of her sophmore year, and part of her junoir year in high school.

A majority of students at Laguna Beach High weren't too fond of LC. She was viewed as a "not so generally nice person". From someone who had known her for many years--> "If you hardly know her, she will be semi-polite. If you get to know her, she can be really boring because all she likes to talk about is her, money, and her money." Others defend LC by saying she's just an overall quiet person and that can throw her off as being "bitchy".

During a Season Two episode, there was a tiny fight between Casey & Alex M. Casey had spread a rumor about Alex M having a hygeine problem and coming from someone who had heard the rumour herself, "Casey said that Alex had an STD, herpes, ghonorrhea, something like that."

Lo began doing coke at the end of her junoir year and throughout her senoir year. You can see she was skinnier on the show but then porked up. She was not hooked on it but she was more the "jump on a bandwagon" type where if her friends did it, she would. From Nikki "She gave my now boyfriend's friend Eric (who's now 24) oral for a ride home."

Jason checked into rehab mostly for alcoholism the first and last time, but the second time it was for drugs (most likely coke).

from Nikki, who works with Candance "one day at work candace came in and told me that breanna conrad was telling people to call her "BC"---ejhrfgiovbgjknfrebnkl!!!??!?!?"

Nikki says that smoking was considered "cool" amongst the Laguna kids for a while. Lo, Christina (when she was drunk), Talan, Stephen, and Dieter.. just to name a few. None of them were real addicted smokers (like Jason). It was more of a social thing.-

Most of the Laguna kids who go to private clubs in LA now are most likely doing coke.-

Everytime there was a red cup, plastic cup, or waterbottle filled with something that wasn't CLEAR.. they were drinking (which was pretty much at least once an episode since filming was done between Thursday and Sunday)-

LC's parents may have had something to do with MTV setting up her own tv show.- Not a lot of people referred to her as LC, until Laguna Beach.-

Kristin and Taylor were actually friends. MTV edited footage to make it look like they didn't interact with each other at all.-

Talan dropped out of Laguna Beach High School before Season Two started. He moved to L.A., in an apartment to start his singing & acting career.-

Lo turned flaky and fake. She was known as a "fairweathered friend", where she's only your friend if the mood strikes.-

An MTV camera van ran over a homeless woman in Laguna Beach. She was injured and recieved money from MTV.

Who knew the OC was so dramatic?

Friday, February 24, 2006

A woah-a-woah-ew

What does the title of this blog mean? Read it again. Now read it with a little bounce. Now shimmy! It the best part of the American Idol opening credits...that they cut a couple seasons ago. Getting rid of first season host Brian Dunkleman, great idea. Getting rid of the "A woah-a-woah-ew" from the opening credits? Not so much.

So, are you watching it this season? Who are your favorites so far? Come on, don't be like that. Share with me your thoughts, catty comments and predictions. I know all the girls lurv Ace because he's so dreamy. Yea, he's a-ight (I love Randy, he's my dawg!) but my favs right now are:

Chris Daughtry for the guys and Katharine McPhee for the girls. Although, it bugs me that she spells her first name like that. But, I like her personality and she has an amazing voice. She has that "X" factor. And Chris rocks because it didn't sound completely forced or pushed. His vocals were clean and concise. And he sang one of my favorite songs..."waaaaaaaanted...dead or aliiiiive!"

<----------I also really like this guy because you can tell he just really loves it. He loves music and has a real appreciation for it. There are no gimmicks with him. Although I have to admit that when i first saw him do his little Joe Cocker shuffle thing, I thought "oh geez, just be yourself dude!" Well, he was being himself. My bad. He's got real talent and I hope he goes far.

The best comment I heard Simon say so far is "your smile bothers me." And I couldn't agree more! Doesn't he look like Steve Harvey. He kind of looks like he could be 40 years old. Did you see this guys clip before he performed? He sounded like a robot reading cue cards in the beginning, and then it turned into him getting all preachy sounding. And then to top it all off, he plastered this crazy big grin on his face. And it rubbed me the wrong way.

It's funny because every season I am just waiting for Niki Freidman to show up on my TV screen. She's a girl I went to high school with and American Idol would so be her scene. Erik, Jesse, Lanie..don't you agree? Sure she can sing, but does she have "it?" My younger brother Marcus and I said we would try out next year. We haven't chosen our song yet, but it will be something great. And yes, I know that 30 years old is too old to audition. Well, it's a good thing neither of us is 30. *ahem*

Say it IS so!

I have a love for Nicole Ritchie that I'm sure some people would consider border line inappropriate, but I don't care. I love her. I think she's loud, outspoken and doesn't give a f@*k! And I love her style. I want the scarf she's wearing, but it probably cost about $2500.

Here's what I don't love. Number one: how unbelievably skinny she's become and number two: her and DJ AM splitting up. They are just so great together and it was sad when they called off their engagement last year.

Well looky looky who hit the town a few days ago....holding hands no less! Could it be that there is hope for the two of them? Maybe AM told her that if she ate a big mac he'd take her back?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nicolas Alexander update

Here is Nicolas Alexander Cretikos, my nephew and Godson. He's 29 weeks and is looking a little cramped in there. He definitely has Courtney's lips and nose. That has to be the most bizarre feeling...to have a little living baby in your stomach. Only 3 more MONTHS to go!!!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

My Bapou is gone

This is my Bapou. It's pronounced Baa-poo and means Grandpa in greek.

He passed away this weekend. I still can hardly believe it. We're all shocked and devastated.

I woke up at 7:30am to the doorbell ringing. I jumped out of bed and answered the door to find my Mom standing there. I instantly knew something was wrong. She just said "Bapou had a stroke baby. We lost him." All I remember after that is falling back on the stairs, bawling and yelling "no! no! no!" We lost my Yia Yia (Grandma in greek) a little over a year ago. That too was sudden and completely unexpected and absolutley heart wrenching. I think my Bapou died from a broken heart. He missed his wife so much and was so terribly lonely without her. I know he's happy now that they are reunited.

It's shocking to think that my Mom has lost both her parents. Can you imagine what that must feel like? I can't.

How does this happen? It's funny because you acknowlwdge yourself getting older, but not those around you. I know that I have grown older because I graduated from high school, went to college, had relationships, fell in love with Matty, got engaged etc. Those things happen through out the years. But I never really wanted to think about "if I'm getting older, than so are my parents, and my grandparents." Death is inevitable. But loss is just the most horrible things to go through. My Dad's Mom is still alive and I love her so much. I know I'm lucky to have had as many grandparents as I did for so long, and I'm so thankful for that.

My Bapou was an amazing man. He always had these sparkling eyes and sweet smile. He was like a big teddy bear. I'm so glad he came out to see us last summer. (He lives in London.) He got to meet Matt and spend some time with all of us. He told us these amazing stories of when he was a young man and the experiances that he had. He's a huge fan of John Wayne and cowboy movies. Matt bought him this awesome cowboy hat and he loved it so much. My Mom said she's going to put it in the coffin with him.

The selfish part of me is so desperately sad that he's gone. I spent all of Saturday at my Mom and Dads house. I booked my Mom on a flight for London that night and we all just kind of tried to hold it together. That night I had a girls night planned. All my homies and I were going dancing and it had been planned for months. Of course my first, second and third thought was to back out and just stay home. I had spent all day mourning with my family, and at some point I decided that it couldn't be possible. He's in London right now, watching his John Wayne movies and walking around the garden. How could he be gone? I just talked to him.

Denial work wonders.

And so I went out with my girls. I had a good time dancing and was quickly reminded how well alcohol can numb your thoughts and feelings. I put the whole thing out of my mind, because I truly wanted to believe that he was still alive. If I was sitting around crying, then that means it was true. If I'm out on the town, then he must still be alive because only a cold hearted, selfish bitch would go out on the same day she finds out she lost her Bapou.

I got home around 2am and the rain was coming down. I lay down on my bed, and all of sudden I started to really accept that he had passed away. I needed Matty and needed to feel him lying next to me. But he was at his house a few blocks away and I couldn't drive anywhere. (Now is not the time for a DUI.) I sent him a text message and told him I was going to walk over to his place so I could see him. Yes it was raining, but I didn't care. I figured it would sober me up. Unbelievably, Matty woke up, text me right back and said "stay where you are, I'm on my way." I walked downstairs, lit a cigarette and waited. Out of the darkness came his headlights. He pulled up, threw passengernger side door open and took me back to his house. I crawled into bed, felt his arms close around me and proceeded to cry my heart out. I finally let the realization sink in that my Grandpa was gone. And it hurt like hell.

Friday, February 17, 2006

ANTM Cycle 6

America's Next Top Model : Cycle 6 will premiere with a two-hour special on Wednesday, March 8 @ 8/7c on UPN.

Watch it. Live it. Be it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Where the buffalo roam

We saw the buffalos on Sunday! Matt, Scott and I went up to visit Nean in Forest Falls and she took us to see her pals. I have to say, they are awe inspiring creatures. We got to feed them apples they posed for a few photos with us. Number 8 really took a shine to the camera. He was hamming it up and pretty much being a camera hog. I was pretty cool because it's just not something that you see every day, you know? They were totally friendly and seemed like they enjoyed our company.

I so badly wanted to put make up on them. I know that's wrong on so many levels, but they have the biggest eyelids, which is perfect for eye shadow, and the longest lashes which would be out of this world with a little mascara.

They seem pretty content but they must be so bored! Just hanging out in a field all day..no internet, TiVo or Americas Next Top Model. Poor little buddies. They don't know what they're missing. Do you think they look at us and think "poor bastards, they don't know what they're missing. Apples all day long, wide open field and cycle 6 of Americas Next Top Buffalo!"

Just Pathetic

This has got to be the dumbest tattoo I've ever seen. First of all, could it be any bigger? Second of all, could it be any cheesier? Hello! Tori Spelling is the same strumpet that had a $2 million wedding, then left her husband and was engaged to this guy before the ink was even dry on the divorce papers. Celebs aren't even pretending to be classy anymore. Plus, she has the worst boob job I've ever seen. What happened to you Donna Martin?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ten Questions

Do you ever watch "Inside the Actors Studio" on Bravo? I don't know why, but I enjoy catching when there's a good guest on. Dave Chapelle will be there on Feb 12th so my TiVo is already set. Hey Erik-Michael J. Fox will be there on March 11th. That's right. One full hour of MJF just for you!

My favorite part of the show is when he reads the same 10 questions from Bernard Pivot. I'm always interested how the celebs will respond. How about you? Respond to the questions in my comments section. Have fun!

1: What is your favorite word?
2: What is your least favorite word?
3: What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
4: What turns you off?
5: What sound or noise do you love?
6: What sound or noise do you hate?
7: What is your favorite curse word?
8: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
9: What profession would you not like to do?
10: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Do Something Good

Are you one of those people that would like to donate to charity or do something good for those less fortunate, but are unsure how to get started? Or are you into helping but just utterly lazy and can't be bothered to get out there and make a difference? Well, either way, I have good news. Here are two easy peasy ways to be take that baby step from being completly uninvolved to reaching out and touching someone.

What should you do with your old sneakers? Send them to Nike Reuse-A-Shoe program. They'll turn your old kicks into "Nike Grind" to make soccer fields and other sports playgrounds. Go to nikereuseashoe.com for more info.

Do you have pairs of old glasses cluttering up your home? Instead of just throwing away your tired frames, why don't you donate them to "Give the Gift of Sight" program sponsored by Lions Club International. For more information, check out givethegiftofsight.com

Don't you feel better already?

The One

Throughout my mindless ramblings and chatter on my blog, I sometimes mention a few male celebrities here and there that I think are, well, exceptionally good looking.

It has occurred to me that if you read my blog (um, I don't honestly believe any one does, so I guess by saying "you" what I'm doing is making me feel like there's actually people who go "oh, she's talking to me.") (ok, yes. It's weird. But it makes me feel better about myself and pretend that someone does in fact read my blog.) (Stop Judging me.) you may be thinking "She's engaged to be married and she's going on about Jared Leto and his hotness? That's shameful! What about her fiance?" Well concerned reader, you're absolutely right.

Let me tell you a little something about this man. He's smart, considerate, fun and makes me laugh every time we're together. That's huge for me. About 5 years ago I made a list of all the qualities I would want in my perfect guy. Yes, that's totally cheesy, but it had it's own purpose that I won't go into right now. Anyway, I started my list with a couple key characteristics, then a few more, then a few more...and all of a sudden I had 4 pages of things that I would want my perfect guy to posses. I read through it and realized that I had put "makes me laugh" and "has a sense of humor" and "doesn't take life too seriously." Humor was on my list about 12 times. And Matt definitely has that quality. And it's not that cheesy "knock knock" kind of humor, it's a dry, sarcastic humor that i just love. As it turns out that my friend Matty, the same one I have known since I was in junior high, has a lot of the qualities on that list.

I have been in plenty of relationships before and they have always been fun and whatever else. But never have they actually made me feel fulfilled. Think about the true meaning of that word. fulfilled. It's like Satisfied. You know when it's lunch time and you are totally craving something but you just can't put your finger on it? So you have a corndog, and you think "that was pretty good, but I'm still hungry." Or sometimes you go out on a limb and try something kinda out there like Haggis and once you're done you think "man, that wasn't good. I knew it wouldn't be, so why didn't I just trust my instincts?"

Well, Matt is my chicken teriyaki sandwich with onions straws from Red Robin. Just like the sandwich, Matty has been in my life for a very long time. The sandwich is something that I can always count on. It's dependable because I know that it will always be there for me. It's consistent and smart and knows how to treat a woman. It's a great cook and always so thoughtful of others. It's romantic but also a mans man. It's honest and supportive and I feel safe when it's next to me. It's so different from me, but yet exactly the same. It has sexy tattoos and great hair. And it's the best kisser ever....um...are we still talking about the sandwich here? Well, you get the point. (I hope.) What I'm trying to say is that Matt really is the one. And I can't wait to become his wife. (or french fries with thousand island dressing, because that's what goes perfectly with the sandwich!)

Wedding Prep

I can't believe it's only 7 months until I'm walking down that isle and getting married! (gulp) Saturday I got together with my Mom, Lexi and Courtney to make some final decisions on very important matters like the bridesmaid dresses, flowers etc. We got a lot accomplished and i feel less like a stress case. I never want to be one of those awful bridezillas you hear about that turn into the bitch on wheels and everyone hates her because she has nothing but ice water running through her vains and wants to control every single thing. Ugh. If I get like that, please slap me.

Matt and I have been engaged since April of last year, and we're both so ready to get married. We're having to wait so long because all my family from London have to wait for their kids to get out of school on summer vacation. So it's been a long process and I'm just happy that we're getting closer and closer. I'm really looking forward to becoming a wife and one day a Mom. It's bizarre to me that I'm in this stage of my life already. Wasn't it just yesterday that Lanie and I were picking the song of the week and she was teaching me how to drive in her Cougar? Where did the time go? I guess Ferris was right. If you don't stop and look around, you might miss it.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Tyyyyra Mail

Oh my gosh! It's almost here! Cycle 6 of Americas Next Top Model. Here's the a shot of the new girls. Click here to see the promo. It premires Wednesday, March 8th at 8pm on UPN. Besides being a firece, cat walking, tyra-mail kinda show, this means Nigel's back. And that's bloody fantastic!! Is anyone as excited as I am about this?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Charlottes Privates

If you're as big a fan of Sex in the City as I am, you'll know that this is a painting of Charlottes vagina. It was featured in season one during an episode called "The power of the female sex." Well, now you have your chance to own that exact painting. Ebay has it up for auction and it's over $400 already. Can you imagine this in your living room? Talk about a conversation starter!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

He's Rick James Bitch!

If you haven't already read "The Chappelle theory" you should check it out. It's a pretty awesome take on why Dave had a complete nervous breakdown. It seems the "dark crusaders" were after him and were threatening his life because of the content of his material. One of those "dark crusaders" was Oprah Winfrey. Well, now Dave is ready to open up and let us in on what the hell was going through his mind when he decided to pass up $50 million to do what he does best. And he's doing on her show. Awkward!

"Hot on the burning pages of James Frey, our high priestess, Oprah "Not A Lesbian" Winfrey, has landed yet another big interview, this time sitting down with the crazy eccentric and brilliant Dave Chappelle.

In the interview, to air this Friday, Chappelle will finally discuss why he walked away from a $50 million Comedy Central TV deal. $50 million!!! This historic interview will mark the first time Chappelle has appeared on TV to talk about what happened."

I have a season pass on my TiVo for Oprah, but don't forget to set yours!