Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wedding Prep

I can't believe it's only 7 months until I'm walking down that isle and getting married! (gulp) Saturday I got together with my Mom, Lexi and Courtney to make some final decisions on very important matters like the bridesmaid dresses, flowers etc. We got a lot accomplished and i feel less like a stress case. I never want to be one of those awful bridezillas you hear about that turn into the bitch on wheels and everyone hates her because she has nothing but ice water running through her vains and wants to control every single thing. Ugh. If I get like that, please slap me.

Matt and I have been engaged since April of last year, and we're both so ready to get married. We're having to wait so long because all my family from London have to wait for their kids to get out of school on summer vacation. So it's been a long process and I'm just happy that we're getting closer and closer. I'm really looking forward to becoming a wife and one day a Mom. It's bizarre to me that I'm in this stage of my life already. Wasn't it just yesterday that Lanie and I were picking the song of the week and she was teaching me how to drive in her Cougar? Where did the time go? I guess Ferris was right. If you don't stop and look around, you might miss it.


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