Friday, January 27, 2006

Gina in the City

Let me start by saying I'm being so unoriginal. Again. This is going to be another piggyback post of Erik's. Ok, so I'm riding on Erik's coat tails (or back) again. I can't help it. His blog inspires me and makes me say "oh totally! Yes! Uh-huh! I know what you mean! Shut up! I was just thinking that!" No really, I honestly say that out loud. And since I usually read his blog at work (er..I mean at home during my own free time..) my co-workers (oops...I mean, my cat) wonder if I have an agreeable and friendly version of turrets.

On his blog he talks about Sex in the City and if anyone ever plays that game where you decide what character you are. Hello! Who DOESN'T do that? He's a Charlotte, which I so agree with. He's a romantic and is usually the one to find something nice to say about some if we can't. He's also kind of a prude when it comes to giving it up, like Charlotte. Ok, maybe I was just kidding about that last sentence. But maybe I wasn't. Intrigued aren't you..

As for me, I'm a Carrie. 100% through and through. I love her. I wish I was as cool as her. I wish I could wear heels with every single outfit. I wish my curly hair looked as fab as hers. I wish I had that awesome chair that Aidan made her. I wish I had the guts to max out my credit cards on designer shoes and bags. Well, guts may be the wrong word. But I love everything about her, except when she wears men's tighty whitey underwear. Those Dun-da-rums don't look good on guys let alone girls! Sorry if any guys that are reading this wear those things, but now you know.

I really and truly have a mad love affair with that show. I have them all on DVD. I even watch the poorly voiced-over edited ones on channel 5. It's not as fun without Samantha's potty mouth, but it calms the jonesin for a while. I TiVo them and keep them for days. I hate that it's all over.

Ok, question. Was anyone else as pissed off as I was that Mr Big's name in the end was John?! I mean, come one. John? Really? That was a bit anti climatic. I was hoping for Christopher or Zanzibar or something! And p.s. I love big, but I love love love Aidan. Besides being so hot that I could barely stand it, he was so tourturously in love with Carrie. Remember when she finally told Aidan that she has been sleeping with Big and had been cheating on him (why would she do that?!) (sleep with Big and cheat on Aidan, not tell Aidian that she cheated) That scene of her when she rushes into the church for Charlottes wedding (alrighty) and Aidan stops her....and tells her that it's over...oh holy shit man...I cry so hard every matter how many times I've seen it. Brutal.

I love Smith Jared too. He's so fine. Another scene that makes me cry..and almost do the ugly when Samantha is in the bathroom and is about to shave her head because she has Cancer and the chemo is reeking havoc on her....and she's so scared. Big, bad, over confident Samantha who eats powerful suit guys for breakfast... is scared. And in comes Smith and in a move of total swoon-ness and support, he starts shaving his gorgeous long blond hair off. Even though it's his what he's known for, and could make or break his career, he doesn't care. All he cares about is showing Samantha that there's nothing to be scared of while he's standing next to her. *sob* *sob* *sob* So fricken great.

Sorry for the massive over use in !!! and ... but I just can't help myself when it come to SITC. It's just so good that I want you to tell how excited and just plain giddy I am over it. Well, I could go on and on about this show because every episode is amazingly written and perfect in every way. But I have to get back to work...I mean...take my cat for a walk....!!!!!!!!!!!!! (That was an intentional exaggeration, I'm not that bad.)


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