Friday, January 20, 2006

TV Land

I have a couple of exciting TV news tidbits!

Rock Star has been picked up for another season. Who will be the next band looking for a singer? There were rumors it was Van Halen, but that got squashed. Did anyone watch this last time? I admit, I did get sucked into the whole thing. I knew from the beginning that J.D. was going to win because all the other contestants were way to safe. They wanted someone that was going to get them some attention. Ok, let's think of which band is going to be on it next. New Kids on the Block? They lost Donnie Wahlburg to acting so they need to fill his spot. How about The Spice Girls? The only reason they really broke up is because Ginger left. They couldn't hack it on their own. Damn you Ginger! Why did you leave? I guess a girl can only take so much of being half naked in 10" rave platforms and yelling "Gurl Pow-aaaaaa!"

March 8th will be a beautiful day. It's the return of one of my favorite shows ever, America's Next Top Model. I wish they'd bring Janice back but as long as they keep Nigel around, I won't complain. Did you hear that hoopla about cycle 1's winner, Adrienne Curry? She's the one who's hooked up with a Brady on pressured him into proposing to her about 6 months!) Anyway, she's on the cover of Playboy this month. I checked out the article (am I the only one who reads them?) and she rips our little Ty Ty to pieces! She said that when the cameras are on, Tyra is super sweet, but as soon as they turn off, she's like Naomi Campbell on crack! How screwed up is that? This is the woman who gave you your start! Show some respect skank!

I know that Erik is a die hard fan for ANTM just like me, so I know that between his blog and mine, there will be lots of updates on the show. I am SO dying for Tyra to go off on a girl like she did that one time with Tiffany in cycle 4. That was rad! I thought Tyra's head was going to spin around and start talking in that weird scary voice like in exorcist. If the panel hadn't been between them, she looked like she would have bitch slapped her right there and then. Maybe Adrienne was right...


At 10:10 PM, Blogger Erik said...

Who knew we would both grow up to be such freaks for reality TV? I was also obsessed with Rock Star. How obsessed? I WENT TO A TAPING OF THE SHOW. It was when they were the final five--JD (who I loved and wanted to win), Marty (who I thought was so scary with his 'crazy conductor' thing), Migs (who I thought was bland), Suzie (who is AMAZING and who I thought sang Bohemian Rhapsody better than Queen did), and Jordis (who I loved at the beginning of the show, but I grew to not really like her anymore).

At 7:59 AM, Blogger Gina said...

oh my gosh E, you went to a taping? I am soo jealous! Ok, we have to go next season ok?!! I wanted JD to win too, and Marty was totally scary. He felt like he knew what direction INXS should go and that was a little cocky. It's so weird because we think the same..I really liked Jordis in the beginning, but then she started to bug me b/c she could only sing in a soft sweet tone and didn't have much range. She was very pretty though. I loved Suzie too, but I knew INXS has no intention of choosing a female singer. Boo! Ok, so next season, taping, you, me, it's on! p.s. I love Dave Navarro even though he wears more make up than his wife Carmen!


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