Friday, February 24, 2006

A woah-a-woah-ew

What does the title of this blog mean? Read it again. Now read it with a little bounce. Now shimmy! It the best part of the American Idol opening credits...that they cut a couple seasons ago. Getting rid of first season host Brian Dunkleman, great idea. Getting rid of the "A woah-a-woah-ew" from the opening credits? Not so much.

So, are you watching it this season? Who are your favorites so far? Come on, don't be like that. Share with me your thoughts, catty comments and predictions. I know all the girls lurv Ace because he's so dreamy. Yea, he's a-ight (I love Randy, he's my dawg!) but my favs right now are:

Chris Daughtry for the guys and Katharine McPhee for the girls. Although, it bugs me that she spells her first name like that. But, I like her personality and she has an amazing voice. She has that "X" factor. And Chris rocks because it didn't sound completely forced or pushed. His vocals were clean and concise. And he sang one of my favorite songs..."waaaaaaaanted...dead or aliiiiive!"

<----------I also really like this guy because you can tell he just really loves it. He loves music and has a real appreciation for it. There are no gimmicks with him. Although I have to admit that when i first saw him do his little Joe Cocker shuffle thing, I thought "oh geez, just be yourself dude!" Well, he was being himself. My bad. He's got real talent and I hope he goes far.

The best comment I heard Simon say so far is "your smile bothers me." And I couldn't agree more! Doesn't he look like Steve Harvey. He kind of looks like he could be 40 years old. Did you see this guys clip before he performed? He sounded like a robot reading cue cards in the beginning, and then it turned into him getting all preachy sounding. And then to top it all off, he plastered this crazy big grin on his face. And it rubbed me the wrong way.

It's funny because every season I am just waiting for Niki Freidman to show up on my TV screen. She's a girl I went to high school with and American Idol would so be her scene. Erik, Jesse, Lanie..don't you agree? Sure she can sing, but does she have "it?" My younger brother Marcus and I said we would try out next year. We haven't chosen our song yet, but it will be something great. And yes, I know that 30 years old is too old to audition. Well, it's a good thing neither of us is 30. *ahem*


At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Jesse James said...

If the guy who has a twin brother got a hair cut and I could magically make his twin not really his brother and then well um yeah you know...

And no one seems Idol esque yet.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Gina said...

jesse, i am officially commenting on your comment so you can't bitch at me for not doing so. who has a tein brother? those ones that were super obnoxious and ended up turning themselves in for fraud?


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