Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Girls Night Out 11.18.05

Time seems to just fly by these days. Between my girls working, running errands, raising babies and keeping their hubbies happy, it's easy to realize that a whole lot of time has past since they had some "mommy" time.
Enter Gina: I gathered up my hot bitches for an all girls play date & what a night it was.

Moe flew in on Friday night for our girls night...she's such a fricken rock star! Thank you Rob for flying out your wife solo! You're awesome! Even though she's in Arizona, it would not be a real girls night with my BFF. Who else would do jauger shots with me all night?

We had a great time going to our usual divey "Pierce Street" and letting off a little steam. We missed Chantal, Lena and Sus but made sure to cheers them through out the night:) We danced all night long and had a great time. Kimberly was our waitress again, and she sent over some free shots because she loves us! The night seemed to fly by too fast, but i guess that's the price you pay for having a sexy good time:)
The girls left around 1am which left Moe and I to close up shop. We had a quick dance off and then called the cab. Once we got home, we threw a pizza in the oven and started chugging the water. By 3:30am, we were safley tucked into bed and looking forward to our massages the next day!

Monday, November 07, 2005

I knew you when...

Matty and I headed up to Los Angeles on Saturday night with Lanie, Mitch and Rayline to check out the play that Jesse wrote called "Kicking Gravity." It was really good! I have to admit, I kept going back and forth between enjoying the play and then thinking "wow! Jesse wrote that joke, he wrote that line, he developed that plot!" I'm so proud of him for writing such a clever, witty and original script. I know he's going to be uber succesful!

After the play, he led us to a quaint little eatery in Los Feliz called "The Alcove." They have the most amazing desserts there....truly sinful. During dinner I grilled him on if had any Nicole R. sightings, but alas, there were none.

It was great to hang out and support Jesse in his craft. Now he's totally obligated to come to my tap recital next month. Sucker.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Best meeting

My Mom, Dad and I had a meeting with Maren (from Best of the Best) yesterday. We met up at Rancho Capistrano to talk about details for the wedding. I just love her because she totally gets the look and vibe that I'm going for. I trust her completely and know that she will do a great job!

The meeting went really well. We talked about where the guest tables would go, the head table, the cocktail reception. I started to visualize it all much clearer and it's gotten me really excited!! She's going to get back to me by next Tuesday to go over costs so we can decide what to keep and what to cut.

I always forget how beautiful Rancho is until I go back there. I can't wait for the wedding!!!