Friday, August 11, 2006

Dave's make over and our crush revealed

What a difference a hair cut, an eyebrow wax and some (ok, a lot) of make up does. Dave looks like encino man in the before photo. Yikes.

Lance's before and after is funny because he has bleached streaks in hair in both. Didn't that go out in the early 90's?

I'm sure he's loving his cushy job at Rockstar Supernova. I actually like him and think he does a good job. I love that show. Gilby and Jason totally rock, and of course I have a total soft spot for Tommy.

Confession: Every week when Fi, Shirley watch, we can't help but cheer Lucas on. We have a crush on him, because he's so dark and pained and a total rockstar in his own right. And those eyebrows..are you kidding me? (sorry girls, did I just out you?)

But they seriously need to send Zyima home (or is it Zazima? Zizamo? Zerzousa?) Ok, yes. I guess it's intresting to see what she's going to wear on stage and what song she's going to get through with her heavy accent and slight lisp. She's a nut case and that equals ratings. I get that. But where is the line? Enough is enough.

I like Delina a lot and think she could win this whole thing. She's very natural on stage is is just very comfortable up there.

This photo scares the living crap out of me. Can you tell what horror movie its from? Look athe the zombie like girl in the window. She looks trapped and very very scared. As if there is something going on in that house that is so terrible it has stripped her of her ability to talk. So now not only is she scared, but she's also a mute. Good times.

Well, which ever horror movie you said, you're wrong. This is no horror movie, it's Katie Holmes staring out the window of Tom's mansion in L.A. Can you say CREEEEEPY! I guess if you squint your eyes you can kind of make out a blurry blog that is supposedly Suri. Mkay. Whatever you say.

It has been reported that friends of Tom and Katie that visit Suri aren't allowed to take cameras (or phones with cameras.) Also, they can't touch the baby or speak in baby talk around her. Wow. Can you say craaaaaaaazy?


At 11:18 PM, Blogger Erik said...

Lukas is evil!!! :)

I love Dilana!!!

Oh, and Zayra is crazy, but at least she's more fun to watch onstage than several others who still remain. I think they should keep her until the final five, just for giggles.


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