Thursday, August 10, 2006

Robin and Val.

The new issue of The National Enquirer reports that funnyman Robin Williams has checked himself into rehab!

Apparantly, he's it's "in a desperate bid to beat a three-year battle with booze that's threatening to destroy his marriage," reports the publication.
Williams allegedly drank enough to give Gibson a run for his money in the lush department.

"The Oscar-winning actor's drinking was so out of control that he suffered repeated blackouts, sources say, and after he was photographed hugging a waitress in a bar on May 22, his wife Marcia slapped him with an ultimatum: Get help or I'm leaving," says the Enquirer.

Williams reportedly entered a 30-day program at a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Newberg, Ore., on July 11. While there, he received counseling, participated in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, attended religious services and even celebrated his 55th birthday.

According to The Enquirer, he fell off the wagon three years ago while filming The Big White in Skagway, Alas. "One night I opened the mini-bar in my hotel room and took out a bottle of Jack Daniel's. I thought I could handle just one drink. The next thing I knew I drank all the liquor out of the mini-bar," he told a pal.

Williams usually drank when he was alone at home, reports the pub. Aftera binge, he'd sneak the empty bottles out of the house and toss them into neighbors' trash cans.

Yikes! That's never good!

I know it's hard to believe, but Yes, that's Val Kilmer.

What the hell has happened to him? He used to be so hot. Remember him in Top Secret and Real Genius? So hot. And Top Gun? That thing he did...the chomp of the teeth...very hot. His portrayal of Jim very good. And hot. He totally nailed it.

So what's the story now? Maybe he's preparing for a new role. And maybe in that role he's playing the part of an overweight, pasty old guy. Yuck.


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