Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Where did all the cardi's go?

Some would say that I have been meticulous with the details in the wedding. Little things that no one would probably even notice are keeping me up at night. Are the votive candles holders all the same color? What exact time will the buffet start? Are the favors alternating on the tables? Are the market umbrellas during the cocktail reception new? It's never ending.

I obsessed for days about the little card we put in with the favors. It's simple, just our names with the initial K. But I couldn't find the right font. Everything was too basic or too fancy or too pretentious or too boring. And the background of the card had to be just the right shade. Dimitri was very patient with me through all the "no, that's too purple" and the "it's not center..more the the left..more...more.." People are probably going to look at that card for half a second before ever giving it another thought.

The newest thing to obsess over was the cardigans for my bridesmaids. Sound trivial right? We had their dresses made and they are gorgeous. Well, I love them. Maybe I'm a little partial because I designed them, but whatever. I have been looking for about 3 months for plain black cardigans for them to wear with the dresses and it has been harder than you might think. It's summer, and there was not a cardigan in sight. I went to Macy's, Nordstrom, Sears, JC Penney, Old Navy, Target, Marshalls, Gap and a few more. They had every other kind of sweater, pull over, wrap around thing, but no plain black cardi's.

I did find some at JC penny. Tina and I searched practically every store at Westminster Mall and found ones that were nice and a thin material with a bit of sheen on the fabric. I bought 7 of them for the girls and had Tina try one on with her dress. It didn't work because the fabric snagged like mad and the slight sheen suddenly seemed almost reflective. Back to the drawing board. I had to take all 7 cardi's back and start again.

My Mom found some black cotton shrugs that were cute, but would they be too casual? Plus, they were $40 each, way more than I had planned for the girls to spend. I finally found some basic but elegant black cardigans on Target online for $22. Now that's more like it!

Tina puts her dress on for the millionth time (thank you T!) and lets us see a direct comparison between the cardi and the shrug. Although both are cute, the cardi gives more of the look I had been envisioning. Sweet! That dilemma is over. It's silly to stress about it. It's not like one of the guests are going to stand up in the middle of the ceremony and proclaim that I should have gone with a shrug because the cardi overpowers the dress. (don't get any ideas!)

Can you believe through all this wedding planning, we're also planning the baptism of my nephew Nicolas? Matt and I are going to baptize our Godson on August 20th and there is still things to be bought and done before then. (Holy shit, is that really next weekend???)

All my family is coming out next week. There's a gaggle of Greeks all flying on the same plane, staying at the same hotel, and they are ready to party:) I can't wait to see them and spend some time with them before the wedding. We have lots of stuff planned for when they get here such as a trip to Temecula to go to wine tasting, a 2 day trip to Baja, Mexico, a night at the horsetrack and much more. How much can you pack into three weeks? How much can one girl handle? I guess we're about to find out.


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