Friday, July 28, 2006

Prince was married? and other goodies

Prince and wife Manuela Testolini Nelson are to divorce.

The pop superstar's lawyer, Alan Eidsness, has revealed that divorce papers for the couple were filed at Minnesota's Hennepin County District Court onMay 24. Prince, full name Prince Rogers Nelson, and Testolini, a former employee at the star's Paisley Park charitable foundation, were married for five years.

They tied the knot in 2001, in a romantic ceremony in Hawaii, with Testolinitaking the 'Purple Rain' singer's little know last name.It is the singer's second failed marriage. He was previously married tobackup singer and dancer Mayte Garcia (who was later engaged to Tommy Lee.)
The pair wed on Valentine's Day in 1996 and had a son who was born with Pfeiffer syndrome, a rare skull disease, and tragically died shortly after he was born. Prince and Garcia's union was eventually annulled in 1998.

Wow, I never knew that Prince was married twice and had a son that passed away. That's so tragic. Kudos to Prince for keeping his private life private.

In other news, it's amazing what some plastic surgery and a fake tan can make. Night and day. Yes, of course she's younger in the first photo, but there's no denying she had a litte something done here and there. I say why not?! She looks hot!

Ok, can someone please tell me why Carson Daley looks so fricken scary and gross. He's a skelator!

He's got the same bobble head syndrome as Kate Bosworth! Just plain nasty. Does he think he looks hot? He looks like he should be hooked up to some feeding tubes.

Give me a guy with a little beer belly over this any day! And what's up with the guy in the background? From the looks of it, he likes what he sees.


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