Monday, May 01, 2006

Here we go Lakers, here we go!

Lakers beat Suns, 99-92!!

What a victory! I missed most of the game but Fiona and I got to her house in time to see the last 10 mins before the end of the last quarter. Shane and Matt (Lakers fans!) seemed pretty subdued, considering the Lakers were down by 2. Rob and E-Rock (Suns fans) were happy but it was just too close to tell. All of a sudden, the Lakers came alive and I felt the excitment of watching the old team. The game went into overtime and there was still a chance for us to win. Nash made a 3-pointer with 50 seconds left in overtime to give the Suns a 98-95 lead, but Kobe wasn't giving up. He saved the day by landing an insane shot right at the buzzer and bringing the crowd (and us!) to their feet. It's now 3-1 Lakers and if Kobe has anything to do with it, they're going all the way!


At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Lakers! SO glad I got to experience it with you. It's like old times.

Peppertree Gang. Wha Wha!



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