Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Charlie has lost his damn mind!

Wow! I never thought I'd be posting about Denise Richards for two days in a row, but it seems things are getting down right nasty between her and Charlie Sheen. In a recent court appearance, she claims that Sheen visits pornographic websites that appears to have underage boys ans girls on it. Woah woah woah! If you're going to throw around words like that, you better have some solid proof to back it up. She also claims that Sheen is still heavily involved in gambling, prostitutes and has a very violent temper, both physically and verbally.

This thing is serious. She says that he threatened to kill her and she tried to file restraining orders, but he threatened to harm her if she did. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie..this is not good.

The Smoking Gun has the court transcript, including shocking phone messages that Charlie left Denise, and all I can say is, does he kiss his Mother with that mouth? It's jaw dropping. I can hardly believe it. It's pretty bad, in fact, it's REALLY bad.

Check out all the drama here and get ready to be totally blown away by the madness!


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