Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's dirty on stage

The West End is the theater district in London, and it's a great place to be. Growing up in London, I was lucky enough to see numerous plays and I loved them all. My favorite as a kid was definitely Annie. I saw it so many time that I lost count. My Mom's best friend was "in the business" and so I always got to go backstage and meet her and her dog. I remember it was such a thrill.

It looks like the best movie of 1987 will be alive and well pretty soon. The stage version of Dirty Dancing has become the fastest selling show in West End history. They are sold out for the first two months, and the craziest part? The show doesn't even open for another SIX months!!!

I hope this production comes to Los Angeles. I love me some Dirty Dancing and watched the movie a ridiculous amount of times in high school. There's a bit of everything for everyone I this flick. Romance when Jennifer Grey (pre nose job) and Patrick Swayze start spending a lot of time together, drama when Penny gets knocked up and can't compete, bitchiness when, well, whenever the sister opened her mouth to say anything, the "hell yea!" moment when Johnny tells Dr. Houseman "no one puts Baby in the corner." You'd be lying if you said that you didn't get a head change from the pure euphoria of that moment. Every time I watch this movie, I. Have. The time of my life.


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