Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pink's not dead

Pink stopped by TRL yesterday to promote her new album, "I'm not dead" and talk to the kids. I saw her live once when she opened for Lenny Kravitz (I heart Lenny) and she can really sing. She wants to play Janis Joplin in the story of her life and I hope she gets it. She's a huge fan and I think she could really pull it off.

Anyone that knows Matty knows that he's a HUGE fan of Pink. When I say huge fan, I mean he thinks she's super hot. I dont know for sure that he likes her music, or even owns any of her CD's. But he thinks she's the shit and so this post is for him.

She's married to Carey Hart, a motorcross big shot and co-owner of "Hart and Huntington Tattoo" in Las Vegas. Carey is pretty aight himself. And by that I mean, he's hot! So since this is my blog, I'm posting some pictures for me too:)


At 3:45 PM, Anonymous Jesse said...

She reads mega dyke to me. Sorry Matt. I think Corey likes the dudes and Pink likes the pink. TomKat 2.0


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