Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Check out my grill y'all!

How funny is this super imposed photo of Britney?
Is it weird that this almost looks ok on her? I guess it couldn't get much worse than the way she really looks these days. The clothes she wears are truly hideous and I can't believe that she thinks she's looking good. It's just so sad. Has she fallen so far that a blinged out grill actually looks kind of normal on her?

But I don't think all is lost. I honestly think that she could make a huge comeback if she did the folllowing three things:

1)Get a stylist (she needs one BAD)
2)Dump K-Fed. Now!
3)Put out a hot new song

If she does those three things, it will be like this whole bare foot in the gas station-eating cheetos and red bull thing never happened. The public will forgive her, because she's Brit, and there was a time that she gave us the hot tracks. Remember "I'm a slave 4 U..." you can't lie...that's a great song. My point is, if Mariah can do it, so can Brit.


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