Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Adios Chicken Little

This explains why that Harry Potter pip squeak lasted so long on American Idol. It's a website that encourages you to vote for the worst contestants so that they make it the furthest. That's just plain stupid.

They also have a whole section on that naughty little minx Kelly Pickler. They're trying to tear her down by exposing that she's not as dumb as she pretends she is. They sound really angry with her and seem pretty determined to get people to vote her off. Well, that's not very nice. One thing I will say is this. Her prom dress is terrible skanky and I'm disturbed that her parents let her out of the house with that much skin showing at that age (or any age for that matter.) If people can tell that you're not wearing any underwear, that might be a clue that you've gone too far. I'm sure Simon has this photo taped to his bathroom mirror. Perv!


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