Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Santino might do it

Jesse and I were discussing how good "Project Runway" is this season and how we can't wait for the the finale. I have wanted Daniel V to win this whole time, but I wasn't all that wowed by his designs for Olympus Fashion Week. Surprisingly, I liked Santino's designs the best. I was impressed that he managed not to hot glue half a Christmas tree onto the clothes and just let them speak for themselves. By the way, isn't this the gayest photo of him? He almost looks like he's going to go down his pants to show us his red lobster.

Speaking of Red Lobster, I love Tim Gunn. I honestly think he should have his own show. He's classic and proper but not afraid to jump right in there and play with Santino. He's totally into the whole "Where's Andre" thing at even wanted to film a skit of them at Red Lobster. I love a guys with a sense of humor. They should get rid of Klum and let Tim run this show on his own. And maybe have Andre guest host with him every now and then.

I read some exciting news on the wonderful thing we call the internet:
"Perhaps the least surprising news of the month came late yesterday, when Bravo announced that it had renewed Project Runway for a third season. Last year, we waited almost a month after the finale when Bravo
finally decided to order a second season.

This renewal comes two days before the finale of that second season.
Casting calls for Project Runway 3 will be held in Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, and New York, with last-years stop Houston apparently being replaced by Chicago this time around. Unlike last year, casting begins immediately: later this month. The show will be in LA March 18 and 19, Miami on March 21, Chicago on March 23, and New York on March 25, 26, and 27. Clearly, they expect to have the biggest turnout in New York. To apply, you need 'three clothing looks of your own design plus a picture portfolio, and a live model is recommended, but not required."

Carry on!


At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Jesse James said...

OMG!!! I's still laughing at Tim and Santino's heart to heart on Venice beach and Tim getting offered Kung Pao and toke from that heroin dealer daddy!

And what's up with Chloe being all Blasian! You're from texas fool!



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