Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"Is he in limbo, hell, or just Costa Mesa?"

Are you watching the new (and last) season of The Sopranos? There's going to be 20 episodes this season! It's like 2 rolled into one! They supersized the show and it's a good thing. 12 episoded would just not be enough to wrap up the lives of all these dark and complicted peeps.

We have all waited so long for it's return and in the first episode, Tony gets capped by Uncle Junior! They can't kill him, right? They just re-negotiated for more money per episode. I guess he could make a fortune lying in bed pretending to be in a coma. Lucky bastard.

Matt and I go over to Shane and Fiona's every Sunday so we can eat dinner and watch the drama unfold together. I think we're all in aggreance that the second episode was like a big acid trip. With Tony in a coma and having bizarre dreams about himself living the life of a traveling salesman.. You'd think that would be enough for him to snap out of it, but no. He is still lying there, unconscious, with breathing tubes shoved down his throat.

You should have heard us jump out of our seats and cheer when Costa Mesa was mentioned. Check us out, C to tha M making a guest appearance on a big mob family crime drama. Nice!

Check out this article that gives some interesting comparisons to "Death of a Salesman." (thanks Fi, and you're right...what did Costa Mesa ever do to HBO?) We counted 3 dead bodies in the first episode, not a bad start. Want to know the body count for every season? Go here and pay your respects. Confused on who's related to who? Go here and check out the family tree. Wanna talk like you're part of the family? Go here and learn the lingo.

I still miss Adrianna. The only thing better than her hoochy wardrobe, ghetto long finger nails and big, big hair was hearing her yell "Chriiistaafaa!"

Ahh, the good old days.


At 5:41 PM, Anonymous Jesse said...

in costa mesa!!!

At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Lexi said...

he is Definitely in Costa Mesa... last week he even mentinoed the street JAMBOREE!! word


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