Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Welcome to the Jungle

With Nicky's arrival around the corner, Dimitri got his room all finished. How kick ass is this room? Dimitri worked hard on it and my Dad hepled out too. I can hardly believe that my Newphew is only days away! Courtney is already dialated one centimeter, so I think she'll have the baby by this time next week. Her due date is May 12th, but I don't think Nicky is going to wait that long.

Have you seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding?" It cracks me up because that movie is so my life. Without the hideous wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, of course. But I'm marrying my own Ian Miller, a guy that isn't Greek has kind of been jumped into to the whole lifestyle and culture. And just like the movie, he has embraced it. Marcus likes to call Matt "E-an Mee-la" because it's so true. I rememember the first time my parents met Matts parents. I was kind of nervous that they would be overwhelmed and freaked out at how loud and boistrous my family and I can be when we're together, especially Lexie and I. But they totally went with it, and everything meshed.

Do you remember the part when they were introducing the family and it was "This is my father Nick, and his brother Nick, and my cousin Nick and my newphew Nick Nick." Hello, my Dad's name is Nick, and my soon to be here newphew is Nicolas.

Does this mean I should name my son Nick too? I really had my heart set on "Pretzel." Hey, if Paltrow can use Apple...


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