Thursday, February 08, 2007

Giving it away

Have you always wanted to go to Ozzfest but couldn't afford it? Well, this is your lucky day.

Ozzy and Sharon have announced that this year, the music festival will be free, free, free!!!

"Everybody has been so good to us over the years, and year after year ticket prices get higher and higher and higher," Ozzfest co-founder Sharon told MTV News. "And we just thought we can't keep on raising ticket prices because there is not that much money out there anymore.

Hey, kids can go online and download music, why not go to a show for free too? What the heck? Ozzy's got a new record coming out this year, he'll be touring the whole year. There is plenty of time to make money."

Sharon Osbourne said none of the bands will be paid, outside of merchandise sales, but they will be encouraged to play shows on off-nights.

"You know what, we are giving them a stage. Even if it's for 30 minutes, be a part of an event, because this is what it is going to be: an event," said Sharon, who is expecting a more rotating lineup than in the past. "It's going to be a groundbreaking, great time for everyone. And we're saying, 'Go out the next night and get paid a zillion dollars.' "

Wow! This is a great idea and very generous of them and all the bands that are going to participate. There are tons of kids and adults that have never gone because of the outrages ticket prices, and now they can live the experiance of a music festival. This is something that I think everyone should experiance a couple of times in their life.

I just finished reading Sharon Osbornes autobiography, "Extreme" and it's amazing what kind of journey she has taken with Ozzy. Yes, she's a loud mouth and can be kind of crude, but she's been through a hell of a lot and she's earned her stripes!

It's refreshing to hear about something like this. Ticket prices are so fricken out of control these days that it's totally normal to pay $75.00 to go see a show. I remember when it was more like $30, but those were also the days before the big trend of internet use. I used to get up at 4 in the morning and go stand in line at ticketmaster, because I wanted to be as close to Beastie Boys and No Doubt and Rage Against the Machine as possible. Now it's just a crap shoot.

But that won't stop me from going to shows. It's something I love and there is nothing like it!


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