Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Are you ready for some football?!!!

Another year, another Superbowl. What better reason to drink beer, wear a jersey, and put on that black smudgey stuff worn under the eyes.

It's always a celebration and this year it was at Shane and Fi's.

What does Superbowl mean to us?

Well, we partake in the traditional things. We all rate the commercials (Fi even had these cool cards to hold up so you could rate them 1-4,) we all drink beer, we all yell at the TV, we all heckle other friends that are rooting against us, and of course we all place our bets on the football pool thing.

Um, ok, I don't know the official name, but it's the paper with all the squares and you buy squares for a $1 a piece and put your initials in the box and there are numbers on the outside of it and the score at the end of each quarter determines who wins the money.

Maybe that didn't make any sense, but all you need to know is that Matty won the first 2 quarters and I won the third quarter. Shaney won the big daddy at the end, winning the fourth quarter, but I still walked away with $25, so I'm happy:)

Oh, and the team I was rooting for won!

We had a great day watching the game, but I think we were all disappointed with the lack of good commercials. It seemed that every commercial was for some upcoming show.

I actually enjoyed the K-Fed one, and thought he did a pretty good job.

I also liked the Coca-Cola ad where the guy in the video game does all these nice things for people instead of shooting them in the head and stealing their car.

The Ad for GM with the sad robot was one of my favorites. How can I feel such sadness for a machine? That's good advertising.

If you missed the commercials, check them all out here.

The half time performance was by Prince, and with the way the rain was pouring down, I thought maybe he wouldn't come out and do the show. He's a huge name, and for some reason I thought he'd be a bit of a diva.

I was so wrong.

Not only did he perform at half time, he blew it out of the park! He was amazing and he totally rocked it out. The rain was coming down, there was a bit of lightning, but he took over that stage like it was built just for him. (Ok, it was built just for him. I know this because it was in the shape of his former name, you know, that symbol thing.)

I was a little nervous about him or his back up dancers slipping as they were all wearing what looked to be 4" heels, but they worked it out.

But I have a whole new respect for Prince after seeing him own that stadium. He did some of his classics, and even covered a Foo Fighters song. Are you kidding? Does it get any better than that? (well, maybe if it had been the actual Foo Fighters.)

And for the finale? He whipped his do rag off, threw it on the stage and sang.....yes....Purple Rain. It was hella good and probably the best half time show I have ever seen.

If you missed it, check it out here.

All in all, what made it a good superbowl wasn't the commercials, the half time show or even the game itself. It was that we shared it with friends and family and that's always a guaranteed great time!


At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the second half, but I am glad that I was there for the first half! :)


At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent blog. Made me cry!
I have to mention that Moe and Eva produced the score cards. Got to give them credit for the hard work. And let's just throw Rob and Eric in there too, cause they may have helped!
Also have to mention that we played that squares thing for monopoly money, right?
I had a wonderful time. Just wanted to be together. Matty even gave up HD for us! Crazy!
My favorite commercial was the Coke with the videogame gangster doing nice things, definitely. But very big disappointment on the mercials. Where were the Bud Chlysdale Horses? I think there MIGHT have been ONE commercial.
Oh well. The game was huge this year, didn't have to have the commercials.
Loved your blog.

At 2:40 PM, Blogger Gina said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. We had a great time at superbowl, and yes, you're right..we played for monopoly money...



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