Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Who's it gonna be?

Here are my predictions of who is going home tonight:

American Idol-Katharine Mcphee
I too once had the Mcpheever, but she has lost her excitement and drive. Last nights performance was not what she was capable of and I felt like she was feeling defeated before she even begun. She has a great voice, and will have no problem getting work.

I'm sure Elliott or Taylor would be a more logical choice of who's going home, but I have a feeling that they both sneaked into the top three last night. And I'm still standing by my original pick of Chris to win the whole thing. Although, that would be pretty predictable huh? Who know's, it could be the dark horse and Elliott could surprise us all. (You better start calling in Fi and Lanie. I don't want to hear the sobs if he goes home and you did nothing to keep him there.)

One think I know for sure. Paula Abdul is officially insane. Doesn't she have a publicist who can advise her to not hit that bottle of JD before going on the air? I mean really...I'm just embarrassed for her.

America's Next Top Model-Sara

I don't know how this chick is still around. She has left no impression on me besides "that's the chick they found in the mall." And I only know that because it seems it's all she ever talks about. Her photos are nothing amazing, her personality is nothing amazing. I feel nothing. Sorry Sara, but it's true. I think it's time for her to say bye-bye to the other girls and get back to The Gap.

I wish they could eliminate two people tonight because Jade get's on my nerves so much. I am so ready to see her get her ass kicked out of there. She keeps insisting that she's the most down to earth, real people in the house and she's full of it. She's catty, bitchy and a liar. And she's not even pretty. Is it me or does she look like a tranny? I have to believe the only reason she's still in the game is because of ratings. She bugs and if she makes it into the top two, I will protest and never watch ANTM again!

I think the top two will be Danielle and Joanie. I love both these bitches and think that either would be great. If they don't end up the last two standing, I will get in my car, drive over to Tyra's house and tell her she's lost her mind. Oh, and I'd also tell her to get rid of Twiggy (snore-fest!) and bring back Janice! (Old, drunk, skanky models are way more fun!)


p.s. one more thing...Janice may be the worlds first supermodel, but the worlds most ANNOYING model was Amanda!!! Yes yes, we all know you're going blind and that soon you will be completly blind, and that you can barely see now blah blah blah! She wasn't going blind, only when she need that crutch to lean on. I almost stopped watching ANTM because od how annoying she was. Almost.


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