Thursday, January 31, 2008

Take a whiff

As if it wasn't cool enough that my friend Erik met Jack Black and Kyle Gass (otherwise known as Tenacious D,) but he also put them to work. Here they are smelling his armpits for this on going photo project that he's been working on forever. In fact, I'm pretty sure he has a photo of me smelling his underarms too. Granted, it's not as impressive as the above photo, but at least I can say that I have somehting in common with great Tenacious D!

Foo Fever

There are no words to explain how excited I am to go see The Foo Fighters in March....
They consistantly put on the best live show I've ever seen. After checking them out in concert about 8 times, I'm ready for a peak backstage!

Big shoes to fill

My Godphew loves to throw on his backpack and wear Daddy's shoes around the house. He's simply the best. That amazing smile always makes my day:)

Baby Update

Jessica Alba is reportedly having a boy.
She bores me.

Snip Snip

I heart Rihanna. I think she's gorgeous and has a great voice, and she loves to take risks with herself. She recently showed off her new pixie haircut and boy is it short. But you know what? I think she can pull it off. I prefer her old hairstly, but this one is hot too.
What do you think?

Just a bad angle?

Here's a photo of Kate Hudson at the premier of her new movie, Fools Gold. Is it just me, or does she look preggers? She's not dating anyone....hmmm...

Oops she did it again (sorry, had to go there)

What happened to this girl? She was sweet, normal, and a great entertainer. And now she's not even a shadow of her former self. Call me crazy, but I think her downward spiral began after things ended between her and Justin. She definitaly wasn't this broken when they were together.

Poor Brit Brit. She has really lost her mind. After staying up for 3 days straight (which is apparant in the photo above,) Britney Spears had a MAJOR breakdown last night. It's said that it was all due to a staged intervention that was going down between Spears' family and friends.

Last night, Brit's mom, Lynne, her dad, Jamie, cousin Alli, as well as Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib all showed up at Britney's house and were all there at the same time. It was time for a second trip to the hospital and she was checked into UCLA Medical Center for a 72 hour watch. I hope she will stay there as long as it takes and not bail out after 4 hours and make a run for the border. And by that, I mean Taco Bell, not Mexico. Although, Mexico would be a better option for her than Los Angeles.

It's about time her parents got involved! The problem is that there seems to be a big power stuggle between her parents and that douche bag, Osama Lufti. He's very controlling over her and seems to think he knows what's best. Her pap boy toy, Adnan, was also at the hospital.

Brit's new psychiatrist visited her last night and felt she needed help STAT. At least somebody is doing something. The shrink called the fuzz to help get Britney committed to the looney bin at UCLA Medical Center.TMZ reports that the cops knew about this plan for a while. They were going to do it the night before, but didn't. They had a code word for transporting Brit to the crazy house. Code word: "The Package." (Aren't code words are fun!)

The go on to say "At her home earlier in the evening, we're told Sam Lutfi informed Brit he had been working with her psychiatrist and the cops, and she would be going back to the hospital. At that point, we're told, Lynne Spears became extremely upset and accused Lutfi of trying to control her daughter. Brit then told everyone to "shut up," saying 'I'll do what I need to do.'

After that, Britney demanded complete silence. She sat on the floor and began passing notes to Lutfi, Adnan and others as they waited for the cops and emergency workers. Utterly different from the last time."

Goodness! I just hope that something comes out of this for Brit. I hope her parents take her home to Louisiana at get her OUT of the spotlight for AT LEAST a year. Lay low Brit, get better. Then come back and show us what you're made of!

Whata Lineup

This is going to be one of the hottest tours of the summer. And I want in.

Quit Clowing Around

I was on google this morning and there was this little box on the side of the screen that gave a suggestion for "date night" and this is what it said:

"Dress up as clowns and invite several couples to do the same. Go to the local mall and have ordinary people vote for the best costume. The winning couple receives a home-made trophy. Afterwards, go to the food court for dinner."

I swear. It actually said that. Isn't that the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard? First of all, I don't like clowns. They scare me. Second of all, if Matty and I cruised South Coast Plaza dressed like Bozo, I'm pretty sure we'd have security on our ass and eventually get thrown out. Yea, not exactly the most romantic date night ever.

Hey Lanie, when we talked about what we're going to do this weekend with our guys, we had thought about going to a movie, or to play pool, or even some mini golf at Boomers. The thought of us dressing up like clowns and hitting the food court didn't even enter in my mind! Does that make us unromantic?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Say it IS so!

Guess what?!!!

It has just been announced that STONE TEMPLE PILOTS are getting back together to do some shows over the summer....OMG! That's insane! I heart them and never thought they'd reunite. Read all about it here.

(Hey Fi, it's on...this, me and Scott...whooooo!)

8 Beauty No-Nos when You're Preg-O

Be warned that this is a long post. But it's very informative and if you or someone you know is preggers, it's something you should share. (Fi, I thought you might find this interesting.)
I came across this article that says if you're "with child," these are the top eight ingredients you should cut out of your regimin. If you find them in products you use daily, consider cutting them out:
No-no 1: retinoids
Aliases: isotretinoin, tretinoin, acitretin, etretinate, adapalene, tazarotene

Found in: prescription treatments for acne and psoriasis (including brand names Accutane, Retin-A, Renova, Amnesteem, Soriatane, Claravis, Sotret, Tegison, Differin, Tazorac) and certain types of cancer (Vesanoid and Targretin).

What they do: unblock pores of oil glands that cause nodular acne and psoriasis. Limited research indicates they may reverse sun damage, reduce wrinkles and treat and possibly prevent certain types of cancer.

Why the red flag: Retinoids are the big, bad no-no. Oral treatments containing them have been directly linked to miscarriages and birth defects. Although research suggests that topical retinoids (Retin-A, Renova) do not pose the same risk, enough concerns exist regarding their safety that you should seek the okay from your derm and OB/GYN before you even consider using them.

Safe swaps: Topical antibiotics such as clindamycin, metronidazole, erythromycin and over-the-counter/non-prescription products containing benzoyl peroxide, alpha hydroxy acids and azelaic acid are okay.

Must-haves: Belli Pregnancy Specialty Skin Care Solutions Acne Clearing Facial Wash ($22, FYI, this brand is the only line that screens ingredients to make sure they have no link to birth defects or reproductive toxicity. Also, DDF Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 5 Percent With Tea Tree Oil ($24,, and Philosophy On A Clear Day H2O2 ($20,
No-no 2: phthalates
Aliases: dibutyl phthalate (DBP), diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP)
Found in: nail/cuticle treatments, lipstick, anti-aging products, fragrance
What they do: They're plasticizers that add texture and luster to cosmetics, help fragrances last longer or absorb into the skin better, and make nail polish chip-resistant.

Why the red flag: Research says exposure might be linked to developmental and reproductive toxicity, particularly to male fetuses. There's enough concern about the safety of DBP that Urban Decay completely discontinued the use of phthalates in its line of nail polishes. Even if a product contains phthalates, the label might not list it as an ingredient if it is a component of a fragrance because the ingredients in a fragrance are protected under trade secret laws. If this is a concern, buy "fragrance-free" products.

Safe swaps: Hard Candy Vintage Nail Polish ($7,, Avalon Organics COQ10 Enzyme Facial Cleansing Milk ($11.95, and Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer ($4,
No-no 3: parabens
Alias: sodium methylparaben, methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben
Found in: moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, anti-aging products, sunscreen, toner/astringent, makeup

What they do: They are preservatives that protect products from bacterial growth
Why the red flag: Limited research indicates parabens may disrupt the body's hormone systems, and there is enough concern about methylparaben that it has been banned or deemed unsafe for use in certain cosmetics in the European Union.

Safe swaps: Kiss My Face Obsessively Organic Under Age Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer ($19.99,, Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum ($45,, Jason Organics Natural Apricot Super Shine Shampoo and Conditioner ($3.99 each,, Jane Iredale PurePressed Base ($48,
No-no 4: fragrances
Alias: perfume, parfum, cologne, scent
Found in: Just about everything from moisturizer, perfume and lipstick to self-tanner and deodorant

What they do: Fragrance is generally used to mask the unfriendly odors of chemicals used in a product or to make the product smell more appealing.

Why the red flag: Because individual ingredients in "fragrance" are protected by trade secret laws, companies are not required to divulge ingredients -- some of which may pose risks. There is no legal definition of the term "fragrance-free," so even if a product is marketed as such, it may still contain a masking fragrance.

Safe swaps: Peter Thomas Roth Tinted Mineral Moisturizer ($42,, Free and Clear Liquid Cleanser for Sensitive Skin ($7.75,, and Tom's of Maine Natural Deodorant Stick ($4.29,
No-no 5: toluene
Alias: methylbenzene

Found in: nail products

What it does: It's an industrial solvent (liquid that can dissolve chemical substances) that allows nail polish to go on smoothly and stick to the nail.

Why the red flag: There is a high risk for developmental and reproductive toxicity, including brain and cell damage, when exposed to large doses of toluene, particularly when it is inhaled. Although it is still found in nail products, it has been deemed unsafe for use in cosmetics by the International Fragrance Association Codes and Standards.

Safe swaps: L'Oréal Paris PRO Manicure ($4.99,, Revlon Nail Enamel ($4.79,, Paula's Choice Longevity Base and Top Coat ($7.95,
No-no 6: formaldehyde
Found in: nail-strengthening and cuticle treatments, hair color/bleaching, styling gel/lotion

What it does: Formaldehyde is a preservative, disinfectant and hardener in cosmetic products

Why the red flag: The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Council has recommended limiting the use of it in cosmetics because of proven links to cancer and reproductive/developmental toxicity toluene. It has been banned or found unsafe in cosmetics in Japan and is restricted in cosmetics in Canada.

Safe swaps: Barielle Cuticle Replenisher with Mango Butter ($15,, John Masters Organics Sweet Orange and Silk Protein Styling Gel ($17.50,, Light Mountain Natural Hair Color and Conditioner ($7.44,
No-no 7: p-phenylenediamine
Aliases: PPD, PPDA

Found in: hair color/bleaching, hairspray, shampoo and conditioner
What it does: hair colorant

Why the red flag: This is the chemical that started all of the worry about getting your hair dyed while pregnant. High exposure has been linked to reproductive/developmental toxicity and cancer, and there's strong evidence that it's neurotoxic (a substance that damages the nervous system).

Safe swaps: Clairol Loving Care ($13.95,, Burt's Bees Hair Repair Shea and Grapefruit Deep Conditioner ($8,, Weleda Baby Calendula Shampoo and Body Wash ($10,
No-no 8: oxybenzone
Alias: benzophenone

Found in: sunscreen

What it does: absorbs ultraviolet light

Why the red flag: While the risk is not as high as retinoids, there is limited research showing links to developmental toxicity and hormonal disruptions with high exposure.

Safe swaps: Vanicream Sunscreen Sensitive Skin SPF 60 ($16.99,, Lavera SPF 15 Sun Lip Balm ($7.88,, Belli Pregnancy Specialty Skin Care Solutions Anti-Chloasma Facial Sunscreen ($22,, 3LAB Perfect Lite Sunscreen SPF 30 ($45,
So there you have it. I know our parents raised us without all these things to be careful of, and we turned out fine. But it's always to know what's out there, just in case you feel like being extra cautious.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Still in love

How cute are Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal? I think they're a good match together. Neither of them are really into the spotlight and don't hit the clubs and drink too much and do lines of coke of strippers.

There are reports that he got down on one knee and proposed, but I don't see her rushing into anything. Reese seems very responsible and had always put her family first. But maybe one day they'll tie the knot.
Until then, they're just a normal couple out to lunch and holding hands.

Maybe sporting a bump

Guess who else is rumored to be preggers...yes, Gwen! I'm so happy for them if it's true, a little brother or sister for Kingston would be awesome! "No Doubt" was supposed to get back together and do another album so hopefully that will still happen.

It's official! Gavin and Gwen are expecting their second child, congrats!!

Monday, January 28, 2008


Shaquille O’Neal reporetedly manages to spend $110,000 per month on vacations alone. From a financial affidavit obtained by Extra, this is what he is said to be spending per month:
$22,000 on maid service
$17,000 on clothes
$6,730 on dry cleaning
$1,500 on cable
$12,775 on food
$24,300 on gas
Are you kidding me? How is it possible to spend $12,775 on FOOD in ONE MONTH? And $24,300 a month on gas? Seriously?
I really hope that he gives a lot of money away to charity...with his fortune he has plenty to spare!

A bottle of Asprin please

I never knew Travis Barker had all these tattoo's on his head. It looks pretty hot, but that had to have hurt like a mo fo!

That was quick

Check out Nicoles post baby bod! Sheesh, she just gave birth two weeks ago!

Hopefully she keeps some of the extra poundage on, she looks so much hotter with a little meat on her bones!

Double take

Who is this dashingly handsome man?

Believe it or not, it's Javier Bardem! He played the chilling and twisted killer in "No Country For Old Men." It's like night and day!

Hot Couple

Not helping the pregnancy rumors.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Night and Day

I saw this on TMZ and had to share....who is this pretty blonde surfer girl? This photo was taken in 1990 so fast forward 18 years...she transformed herself into a well known class act...

Come on......think..............

You'll never believe it!.......................

Ok, here's the answer......

It's Dita von Teese!


Uh oh, the Monte Carlo hotel in Las Vegas is on fire! Hopefully no one is hurt and they can put it out quickly. Thank goodness it's not the Sahara!

Baby on board

Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott are pregnant with her second child! Their first baby, Liam, is one. Yea, they don't like to waste any time.


Word on the street


With twins?

She wants to sing

People Magazine is reporting that Scarlett Johansson is set to release her new album, “Anywhere I Lay My Head,” on May 20th.

"The 23-year-old Nanny Diaries star spent five weeks recording 10 covers of Tom Waits songs and one original track in Louisiana last spring. She has displayed her vocal talents previously, singing The Pretenders’s 'Brass in Pocket' in Lost In Translation and performing on stage with Jesus and Mary Chain last April at the Coachella Music Festival."

Hmm...that should be interesting. You know what else I heard? That she and Ryan Reynolds are engaged! Yea, he's smokin' hot but I think they have been dating for about 7 months. If the rumors are true, it's a bit rushed. But for Hollywood standards, they should practically be divorced by now!

Curly Q

Nearing closer to her due date, Halle Berry decided to switch up her hair do. She went from long straight hair to a more natural curly mop top. What do you think?

Wow, she looks ready to pop! It seems like she went from having no bump to a little bump to a mega huge bump so fast!

It's her time

Amy Winehouse has finally checked into Rehab!

Universal Music Group said in a statement “She has come to understand that she requires specialist treatment to continue her ongoing recovery from drug addiction.”

Well, yea! I'm sure the embarrassment of being caught red handed smoking crack was enough to make her realize she has to do something. Will rehab stick? Who knows. I hope so because it would be such a shame to lose another talented person in this world.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Perez Hilton has the following posted on his site:
An autopsy is scheduled in the tragic death of Heath Ledger for Wednesday, but it will be weeks at least before we have a conclusive answer as to his passing.

What is known now is that police are saying sleeping pills were found in the room where his body was discovered naked and dead on Tuesday. Two bottles of sleeping aids were found, it's being reported, one prescription bottle and one over-the-counter, which would make an accidental overdose more likely. Experts say that it is harder to overdose on just prescription sleeping pills.

Our heart aches for Heath's little daughter, Matilda, aged 2. So tragic.



The New York Times has a little more information on the sudden death of Heath Ledger:
The actor Heath Ledger was found dead this afternoon in an apartment in Manhattan inhabited by the actress Mary-Kate Olsen, according to the New York City police.

Signs pointed to a suicide, police sources said. Mr. Ledger was 28.

At 3:31 p.m., a masseuse arrived at Apartment 5A in the building, at 421 Broome Street in SoHo, for an appointment with Mr. Ledger, the police said. The masseuse was let in to the home by a housekeeper, who then knocked on the door of the bedroom Mr. Ledger was in. When no one answered, the housekeeper and the masseuse opened the bedroom and found Mr. Ledger naked and unconscious on a bed, with pills scattered around his body. They shook him, but he did not respond. They immediately called the authorities.

The police said they did not suspect foul play. Officials said they believed Ms. Olsen, 21, was in California and said it was not clear how long or why Mr. Ledger had been in her apartment.

Wow, this is just sad. He's leaving behind his little 2 year old daughter Matilda, that he had with Michelle Williams. What a waste, to die at such a young age. I'm still in such shock!


I can't belive this....
CNN just reported that Heath Ledger is dead!
There is rumors of a possible drug over dose but nothing for sure yet. This is shocking. Here's what they said:

Actor Heath Ledger is dead, the New York Police Department said Tuesday. The Academy Award nominated actor was 27. Ledger's housekeeper found him dead in his Manhattan apartment, New York police said. He died at 3:26 p.m., they said.
The New York Fire Department received a call at 2:27 today responding to a "cardiac arrest call" in New York. They found an unresponsive male dead at the scene.
In 2005, the actor played Ennis Del Mar in "Brokeback Mountain," about two cowboys who had a secret relationship. The role earned him the Oscar nomination.

Beehive is back

TMZ just posted breaking hair news...Amy Winehouse has gone back to brunette. Hmm..I don't think anything to do with hair could be "breaking news" except when Brit shaved her head. Now THAT is breaking hair news! Anyway, Amy looks soo much better with dark long hair and her signature beehive. Word is that she's not going to rehab but she is seeking medical help.

Heeeeeeeere's Johnny

I heart Johnny Depp. I think he's extrodinary and mysterious and chicks kinda dig that. Here are 10 things you probably didn't know about him:

1. Johnny was born the youngest of four children and moved from Kentucky to Florida when he was five. He says: "Before I was 15, we moved 30 times, once just from one house to the house next door. I asked my mom why. I never did understand her explanation."

2. Johnny was a bit of a rebel as a youngster. He took up smoking at 12, lost his virginity at 13 and was soon dabbling in drugs and booze. He was also suspended from school for mooning a teacher before dropping out at 16 to join garage band The Kids.

3. Johnny played lead slide guitar on Oasis track 'Fade In-Out' when the band's own guitarist was three sheets to the wind. Legend has it he stepped in at the last minute and nailed the lead on one take. Go Johnny!

4. Johnny dated a string of beauties including Kate Moss and Winona Ryder but says he is prone to ruining his relationships with jealous rages. He tells us: "Oh boy. Oh f***. I was a professional at it. Oh, the scenarios I dreamed up. Oh f***. Oh. I mean, world-class." Calm down, man, we believe you!

5. What first attracted Johnny to sultry singer Vanessa Paradis? The sight of her back! He spotted her in the lobby of a Parisian hotel seven years ago and recalls: "Whammo, man, across the room, amazing, incredible, awesome. The back, the back, I saw the back, and I was reduced to [mush]."

6. Johnny has such a close relationship with Tim Burton that he would have sex with an aardvark if the director demanded it. Yikes! Hopefully it won't be necessary.

7. Jack Sparrow's line in Pirates of the Caribbean "...and then they made me their chief," is lifted from comedy series The Fast Show, in which Johnny once famously appeared. "I think it's one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen in any medium," he gushes. We take it he's a fan, then.

8. How excited was Johnny with his Oscar nominations for Finding Neverland and Pirates Of The Caribbean? Um... not very. He attended the ceremony after his Pirates nod, but moaned: "All Vanessa and I could think of was: 'When and where can we go smoke?' And: 'Where can we get a drink?' And: 'When is it over?' And: 'Please, don't let me win'."

9. Johnny likes to avoid the press by checking into hotels using ridiculous names. He says: "I used to use the name Mr. Stench; it was funny to be in a posh hotel and hear a very proper concierge call out, 'Mr. Stench, please'." He has also used Emma Roid but denies reports that he stayed at any establishment under the name 'Donkey Penis'.

10. Johnny dared What's Eating Gilbert Grape co- star Leonardo DiCaprio to sniff a rancid pickled egg and paid him $500 when he did the deed. Nice!

Does this coat make me look fat?

To say that Jennifer Lopez is mega preggers is an understatment. The singer, who's being staying under the radar these past few months, finally made an apperance. She's pictured above in NYC with husband, Marc Anthony, attending her baby shower. I head she's having twins, and after seeing this photo, I believe it. But she still looks gorgeous!

Say it aint so!

Well, this is dissapointing. Jared Leto and Paris Hiltong hooked up at Sundance in Utah. Booo. Is there anyone that Paris hasn't made out with?

Hitting the rocks

Uh oh..this isn't good. Amy Winehouse has been caught on tape smoking crack!

The Sun reports: "WILD AMY WINEHOUSE was filmed blitzed out of her skull and struggling to talk after sucking in crack fumes from a glass pipe. The tormented singing sensation took hit after hit of the deadly drug after a 19-minute binge in which she snorted powdered ECSTASY and COCAINE.

And she admitted she had just popped six VALIUM pills to 'bring myself down. Amy’s spiral of self-destruction was revealed in a harrowing video filmed at her East London home and seen by The Sun.

The footage also laid bare the Back To Black singer’s squalid lifestyle as she stumbled around in a grubby vest surrounded by junkies and parasitic hangers-on. At one point, lank-haired Amy is warned to watch out for smashed glass on the floor as she scours a bedroom for her kitten barefoot.

She greedily snorted powdered ecstasy offered on the corner of a credit card. Minutes later, with her head swimming, she is seen on the video being offered cocaine. Just before 5am, Amy heads up a spiral staircase to her dimly-lit bedroom, where she squats on her leopardskin print duvet and chats to scruffy pals as she primes a glass pipe with rocks of crack. She fires it up with a lighter and inhales deeply several times, holding the fumes in her lungs as long as possible to maximise the effect. "
Wow! What a waste! I really hope she gets the help she needs because she is such a talent. Why is she wasting her life away like this? She's a glimmer of the person she used to be, just see the photo above for proof! She's no longer healthy and a normal weight, instead she's deathly skinny and has no regard for what poioson she puts into her body!
If you want to see the footage, click here.
Ok Amy, it's time to go to rehab. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Hitting the stage

Shrek is coming to Broadway!
Although no opening ates have been set, preview performances will start up in November. Fun!
Yahoo has the scoop: "It's the plot of the first `Shrek' movie," said Jason Moore, who will direct the production. The first "Shrek" film was released in 2001, followed by "Shrek 2" in 2004 and "Shrek the Third" last year. "But because we are going deeper into the emotional lives and back stories of the characters, we reveal things about them that none of the movies revealed," he added.
I think this would be an entertaining play to go see with or without your kids!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby Maker

Word on the street is that Hef and his “top” gf Holly Madison have been seen meeting with a Beverly Hills gynecologist who specializes in in vitro fertilization. If they get pregnant this would be Hef’s fifth child and Holly’s first.