Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oops she did it again (sorry, had to go there)

What happened to this girl? She was sweet, normal, and a great entertainer. And now she's not even a shadow of her former self. Call me crazy, but I think her downward spiral began after things ended between her and Justin. She definitaly wasn't this broken when they were together.

Poor Brit Brit. She has really lost her mind. After staying up for 3 days straight (which is apparant in the photo above,) Britney Spears had a MAJOR breakdown last night. It's said that it was all due to a staged intervention that was going down between Spears' family and friends.

Last night, Brit's mom, Lynne, her dad, Jamie, cousin Alli, as well as Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib all showed up at Britney's house and were all there at the same time. It was time for a second trip to the hospital and she was checked into UCLA Medical Center for a 72 hour watch. I hope she will stay there as long as it takes and not bail out after 4 hours and make a run for the border. And by that, I mean Taco Bell, not Mexico. Although, Mexico would be a better option for her than Los Angeles.

It's about time her parents got involved! The problem is that there seems to be a big power stuggle between her parents and that douche bag, Osama Lufti. He's very controlling over her and seems to think he knows what's best. Her pap boy toy, Adnan, was also at the hospital.

Brit's new psychiatrist visited her last night and felt she needed help STAT. At least somebody is doing something. The shrink called the fuzz to help get Britney committed to the looney bin at UCLA Medical Center.TMZ reports that the cops knew about this plan for a while. They were going to do it the night before, but didn't. They had a code word for transporting Brit to the crazy house. Code word: "The Package." (Aren't code words are fun!)

The go on to say "At her home earlier in the evening, we're told Sam Lutfi informed Brit he had been working with her psychiatrist and the cops, and she would be going back to the hospital. At that point, we're told, Lynne Spears became extremely upset and accused Lutfi of trying to control her daughter. Brit then told everyone to "shut up," saying 'I'll do what I need to do.'

After that, Britney demanded complete silence. She sat on the floor and began passing notes to Lutfi, Adnan and others as they waited for the cops and emergency workers. Utterly different from the last time."

Goodness! I just hope that something comes out of this for Brit. I hope her parents take her home to Louisiana at get her OUT of the spotlight for AT LEAST a year. Lay low Brit, get better. Then come back and show us what you're made of!


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