Friday, January 18, 2008

Memo Madness

We all have our passive-aggressive moments. We can't help it really. It's a natural, if not necessary, defense mechanism to deal with all the unthoughtful people or awkward situations in our lives. So how do we deal with all that passive aggression?

One of my new favorite websites is They have tons of notes that are from roommates, family members, and even strangers that just make you wonder sometimes.

The one above is from an irritated pizza lover, addressing the case of pizza being eaten by someone else. The best part is that this person only has one roommate, so it's quite obvious who the foodie bandit is!

And for those of you that share an office refrigerator, I'm sure you can relate to this:

Haa haa haa! That's good stuff. I'm sure you have something you can contribute to the site. Don't we all?


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