Friday, October 05, 2007

What a girl wants

Christina Aguilera is a class act! She still hasn't made an official announcement about her pregnancy (she's due in January) and the media is going nuts over it. But you know what? Why should she have to? It's her personal business. She's handling the whole thing so beautifully.

Speaking of stunning is she? She looks radiant and sophisticated and hip. She's as opposite as Britney as you can get. She's hot!

Tina and I saw her in concert not too long ago, and that girl is the real deal. She sounds amazing live and didn't stop dancing, entertaining, running back and forth across the stage, all the while in 6 inch heels.

And it seems like she as a normal marriage. her hubby isn't some model or pop star. He's an ordinary looking guy who loves her and she loves him back.

You see celebrities, is that so hard?


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