Friday, September 28, 2007

I love my husband and the Foo (27 of 30)

On Monday night, something incredible happened......

I got to see the Foo Fighters (my favorite band.)


In concert.

In a venue that only held 1300 people!




My amazing husband surprised me with tickets to their CD Release show, which I had heard about and tried to get tickets to, but was shut out. It was Monday night at The Music Box in Hollywood, and it was a night I'll never forget!

I had a rough start to my Monday, still trying to recover from the wedding on Saturday. And the after party at Durty Nellies. And the after, after party at our house. I felt like I needed at least 2 more days of complete rest. But, work beckoned, so I had to drag my feet through it.

After work I had my tap class with Fi, so I dragged my tired ass off to tap. I could have easily crawled into bed and gone to sleepy sleep, but I had high hopes that tap class would wake me up a bit. I had to get pumped! I was going to see my absolute favorite band, live!

So I went home, splashed some cold water on my face, put on a little mascara and I couldn't help but smile when I realized what I was about to go see.

I wondered if I was getting too old for this....back in the day I would go to a show every night of the week if I could. I didn't care where it was. Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego. I just wanted to see live music and absorb it all, as much as possible. And now here I am, hours away from going up to Hollywood to see THE FOO FIGHTERS, and I could barely muster a "woot woot."

Yes, I worried if I had past my prime of this kind of I have to be an adult now and be in bed by 10pm because I have to work the next day? And the next. And the next.

Well, good news. No, I don't have worry. It's all good. Yes, I was soooo tired, but as soon as we got into the venue, I was raring to go.

I couldn't take my eyes off the stage (because I was tripping out at how incredibly close Dave Grohl was going to be to me.) (I mean to us.) (Ah, who are we kidding. To me!)

The band came on at 10:45pm and put on one of the most incredible shows I have ever seen. Lemmy (from Motorhead) came out and did a song. One of the roadies came out and did a Dead Kennedy's song. Dave said "screw the set list, let's have a jam session." Yea, it was un-fricken-believable.

Dave Grohl is a god. Plain and simple.

There is no one than can argue otherwise. No one in their right mind, that is.

They played a few songs from their new cd (which is fantastic! Go buy it now!) but they also played a lot of their other songs, the ones everyone loves. One of the things that I love about them (among the millions of reasons) is that they changed them all up and made them so fricken metal! Dave was headbanging and letting it rip. Taylor was hitting the drums so fast his arms looked like trails of lightning. The light show was old school Metallica-esque and I was officially in heaven.

I'm bummed they wouldn't let me take my camera in there, but what I saw is burned into my memory forever. I've seen them 4-5 times in concert before, but this was a whole other experience. Matty and I rocked out and sang our lungs out for the whole show and knew that this was SO worth being tired at work tomorrow for.

Before we headed out the door to go home, we purchased special vouchers for $10 from the merch booth and were then given the new Foo Fighters CD, Echoes Silence Patience & Grace. It's another kick ass gift from the Foo to us.

As if my husband isn't the most incredible, loving, funny and caring man already...he goes and does this. How did I get so lucky?


At 3:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BEST SHOW I HAVE EVER BEEN TO!! (except Bowie) It was stadium show in a venue the size of Balboa Theater. Truely a once in a lifetime experience. OUt of the world awesome! lyhc!


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