Wednesday, April 25, 2007

6 left, soon to be 5

This is when American Idol starts to get good. The contestants that didn't stand a chance in hell are gone and now it becomes a real competition.

Here is my prediction for tonight bottom three:
Phil is a weird one. I don't care for him much, and thought for sure he'd be gone by now. But he seems to be gaining gusto with this whole "country" angle. I think it's a smart move for him because those country fans out there don't have anyone to vote for. If he attaches himself to the genre, he will no doubt get all those votes. Plus, he actually sounds better when he sings with a twang. I stand by him being in the bottom three tonight, but I think he'll be the first to be sent back to the couch.

I love Kiki, but she seems like she has lost her sparkle. I don't want to see her go home, but the game is so tight now, it has to happen at some point. But I don't think it will happen today. It will be down to her and Chris, and she will look sad, thinking that it's the end of the road for her. But she will be saved. For now. Either way, she will do just fine. She will get plenty of offers from various record companies and a contract with Lane Bryant. Speaking of clothes, I loved the dress she wore last night. Hot!

And on to Chris. I was rooting for him, I really was. But then I kind of stopped. And I can tell you exactly when I checked out. It was when him and Simon got into a bit of a spat about the whole singing nasally and Chris got all smart mouth and said in a snarky tone "if I've been singing like that every week, it means I meant to do it." thanks. I was really digging him but nothing makes me lose interest faster than a guy who's full of himself. I predict Chris will be saying goodbye tonight.

To be honest, I think they all did pretty good last night, but someone has to go home.

This is a photo of Blake as a kid and now. Pretty much the same huh? Ok, I know I will be met with boo's after this comment, but I was left a little empty after Blake's performance. He was still good (duh!) and I know the beauty of "Imagine" is in its simplicity, but in this stage of the competition, I think he should have gone with something that had more ooomph and maybe showed more of his style. That being said, I still think he's safe this week.

Melinda knocked it out of the ballpark again. She's consistent, passionate and dead on week after week. She will without a doubt will have record companies clamouring for her. My only thing I'm left wondering is..who is she? What's her style? The contestants are pretty cut and dry at this point. Blake is pop, Chris is R&B, Phil is Country etc. But what is Melinda? I know she has a love of gospel, so does she want to go into that field? She can sing like a mo'fo, but I don't really know what she's all about.

Jordin is gorgeous and her voice is incredible. She has grown in this competition and she seems like she has finally realized she can win this thing. There's a new sense of confidence in her and it's giving her that extra little shove towards the finish line. She was exquisite and unforgettable last night and proved she's a front runner to win this whole thing.

I think the final three will be Melinda, Jordin and Blake. Who will win? It's antibody's game at this point. But the real question on everyones mind: Will David Hasselhoff be in the audience and will he cry when the next American Idol is crowned?


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