Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Out and about

Tara Reid continues to prove that people can change. Attention Miss Spears: See, it can be done. You know you're a mess when Tara Reid is showing you up!
Props to Tara, she looks great! It's astonishing what a difference a good set of extensions can make!
I love me some Lenny Kravitz.
Doesn't he ever age?
The beautiful young lady next to him is his daughter Zoe.
I saw him in concert about 4 years ago, and he was amazing.

Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy are till going strong and aren't afraid to make public appearances together.
I think they're good together. She looks the best she's ever looked, and he..well...he needs a haircut.
But they seem to have a strong relationship, even though neither of them plan on ever getting married again. That's what Howard Stern said....


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