Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Back together?

Travis Barker and his wife Shanna have been seperated for some time now. Things between them got ugly when they started slamming each other on their respective myspace blogs. And they swore up and down that they were through.

Travis was spotted making out with Paris Hilton, and there was even a reported cat fight between Shanna and Paris.

Shanna was busy too, hitting the town with Jenna Jamesons ex husband and also her dance partner from "Dancing with the Stars."

Then they were spotted at Disneyland together, and a couple of other place. Again, they confirmed that nothing was going on and that they were just playing nice for the kids sake.

Well lookey lookey....who do you think were caught making out...

Yes, it's Travis and Shanna getting it on at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas.

No need to deny the truth kids, staying together is best for the children. Just make sure to resolve your issues before you get too serious.


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Love it!


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