Friday, February 23, 2007

Brit update

There are rumors that Brit is on suicide watch while at her stay in Promises, a rehab center in Malibu.

This is her third attempt at trying to sort herself out, but I don't think she went because she genuinely wants to get better. And that could be a problem.

"The source for Enquirer claimed, 'After she shaved off her hair, Britney had a complete breakdown and tried to kill herself.'"
"A source told the publication: 'Britney was crying and said she would kill herself if she lost the boys.'"

"Britney apparently tried walking directly into oncoming traffic, but a member of her staff grabbed her."

"During the night, she escaped and tried to walk into oncoming traffic. Britney said she wanted to kill herself. She later grabbed a bottle of Xanax and said she'd take the whole bottle - she didn't care what happened to her."

I don't know if this is true or not, but I feel sorry for her in a way. She has been heading for a breakdown for some time and no one stepped in to help her. Her crazy behavior came to head yesterday when she went to Kfed's house to see her kids, but he wouldn't let her in.

Witnesses then saw the star attack a photographer with an umbrella, which she also used to hit a parked car near Kevin's home, .An eye witness said: "She ran at the guy as he took her picture and kept swinging the umbrella at him."

Hopefully she'll take rehab seriously and get her life back together.


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