Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Brit in Rehab

ExtraTV spills the beans on what events may have led up to Britney's crazy weekend that resulted in her shaving her head and checking into rehab yesterday.

According to a stunning new report in OK magazine, Kevin Federline was at the pop star's Malibu mansion on Friday when she arrived home from rehab, and a blowout between the exes broke out.

"They had a huge argument," revealed OK's Rob Shuter. "Kevin threatened Britney that he was going to have people test her hair to find out exactly what she's been up to. She was so scared. That was what made her have her head shaved."

I guess I can believe that. There are rumors starting to surface that she has been doing extasy and cocaine for some time now, and that would definitly show up.

I also heard that she had lice and that's why she shaved it all off.

Another reason I've come across is that she thought she had "bugs" in her hair and scalp and needed to feel clean. Sounds like a tweaker to me.

Friday night, after her trip to the hair salon, Britney hit the Mondrian Hotel on the Sunset Strip wearing an electric blue wig. She tried to get a room at the hotel but didn't have any credit cards or cash. Because she had no way to pay, she was denied a room.

Confused and upset, she was later spotted at the hotel's pool, shaving her legs while crying. Wow, that is a distrubing image.

As of right now she's back in rehab (Promises in Malibu.) This time she checked herself in, so hopefully she'll stay. She obviously has some major issues and needs help.

I hope she gets better and works though whatever demons are bringing her down. For her and for her kids.


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