Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who's going to win?

Erik wrote a post about Rockstar Supernova and I'm going to do a piggy back post. The show was good last night. It had drama, anger, bleeding, and some amazing performances. I'm not one to call in and vote on these types of shows, but Erik is rallying the troops, so maybe just this once.

I love Dilana but I agree with Jenny that she has shown she can lose control and get nutso. But her performance last night was insane. It made me want to cry it was so fricken good. It was raw and tender and she owned it. I don't care is she's 2 beers short of a six pack, that girl can siiiiiing!

I thought Ryan was acting out a scene as a character that is always frowning. Bugs. He has improved since the beginning days, but I'm just not buying the whole tortured soul thing. He's giving them what he thinks they want. And they're eating it right up. Dark horse my ass.

Magni i love. I didnt in the beginning because he was cocky. But he's come back down and he's rocking it. When he sings songs by Live, it's like listning to the real thing. And i thought his little interview thing was funny last night. And he didn't cry like a bitch when he got sliced in the head with Dilanas glass.

Toby-I think he has a good voice and is a good fit for the band, but up until last night, he's done nothing for me. Forgettable. But then during Rebel Yell, it's like he morphed into someone hotter and better. Did he dye his hair? I'm pretty sure he was wearing eyeliner. Hot.

Lucas-I have a soft spot for Lucas, but if I have to be honest with myself, he's just not good enough. He has amazing stage presence and is really good with the eyeshadow, but I think he would be overshowded by the band. In a couple more years, he's going to come out of the shadows and blow the doors off.

Storm is annoying and annoying and also bugs me. She's such a poser and always tries to be sexy yet able to hang with the boys. She always does these dramatic facial expressions when someone is kicked off the show, like her whole world came tumbling down. She has a great voice, but it's in no way right for the band. She should be the next to go bye bye.

So, there you have it. Jump onto Eriks blog and vote for your favs.


At 9:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gi you rock!
My votes are for Dilana and Lukas. Dilana looks and sounds natural on stage. None of the candidates rock it like her. Lukas comes the closest with his onstage presense and natural passion. Why would anyone fake awkard Mick-Jagger-meets-Scott-Weiland dance moves? Hot. I loved his version of Lithium last night. Totally rocked. None of the other candidates feel the music like the two of them, and I totally buy both of them.
I think that Toby is most improved and loved his performance last night. More his performance with Storm.
Magni is second most improved - attitude adjustment. I think he's just finally given up the act and chosen to show his real self. What a gem. He's the safe choice here.
Ryan needs to call up KROQ's morning show as shakespeare singing the ABCs, b/c I ain't buying any of his hurt intellectual sensitive guy stuff. Maybe he'll star in the broadway production of The Sky is Falling.
I thought Storm rocked her song. But just not that interested.
I love you Gi!! Missing watching the show with you this week...

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Gina said...

Fi, you should be doing a blog on Rockstar. Your comments were dead on and I feel the same way as you. I loved it. Fi! Fi! Fi!

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Erik said...

OMG, Gina, (i accidentally typed "Fina" and I thought that if you and Fi were a hollywood couple, that's what the tabloids would call you!) what you said about Dilana (actually, what both of you said about her) is so so right on. Her performance of Mother Mother was one of the most rocking moments all scene, for shiznit. She feels it, more than anyone else.

At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fina!! I love it!
Thanks Erik!
It's so funny how differing the opinions are of the RockStars.
But Dilana seems to evoke the same emotions from everyone when she's on stage. She's the RockStar!
Love, Fi

At 4:54 AM, Blogger Kieran said...

Well that all seems fine to me.


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