Monday, June 12, 2006

Jared and Jess?

Here's what Star Magazine is reporting:

Jared started out a long night of partying with several male friends at chic NYC nightclub The Plumm on June 6. A source told Star, “He looked so hot! He was slim and looked really fit. Even though he was fairly incognito, the girls immediately noticed him, and he had a flock of models around him right after he walked in.”

But the Chapter 27 star, dressed down in black jeans and a hat had another girl on his mind: Jessica Simpson! Another source told Star that Jared, 34, who was in a “really happy and relaxed mood,” stayed at The Plumm for about an hour, and then, after midnight, headed with friends to nearby lounge Double Seven, where Jessica, 25, was waiting. “Let’s just say Jessica was definitely expecting him!” said the source.

Eyewitnesses said Jessica and Jared made no attempt to hide their sexy rendezvous. “Jared went right over to be near Jess, and sat down next to her. They were talking very closely,” said one source. “Jessica was having a great time. She was dancing and seemed to really be enjoying herself,” said the source. Things got really heated later into the night. “They were draped all over each other. And it’s not like they were trying to hide it – a lot of people inside the lounge saw them openly flirting, and couldn’t believe their eyes.“They looked like they were having a lot of fun together. But they didn’t kiss – that was at least one thing they kept out of public!”

I don't know..I just don't see them as a couple. But it seems like Nick has moved on, so why not Jess?


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