Monday, June 12, 2006

Idol Update

According to online reports, Taylor Hicks may have won 'American Idol' but he isn't the only finalist to get a record contract.

It's rumored that RCA Music Group, which is home to all the past 'Idol' winners, will sign Katharine McPhee and is close to signing a solo deal with Chris Daughtry.
Ace Young is also said to be in talks with the label.

As far as Katharine, while there is no official announcement yet, all signs seem to point that she will soon be joining the label's roster.

Elliott Yamin has yet to land a record deal, but supposedly Hollywood powerhouse management company The Firm flew the crooner to Vegas last weekend and hooked him up with tickets to back-to-back concerts by Madonna and Prince. Not too shabby!

While this is all good news for the finalists, history shows good record sales are not guaranteed. After winning 'Idol' in 2002, Kelly Clarkson sold over 7 million CDs and won two Grammys while her first season runner-up, Justin Guarini, went on to sell less than 150,000 copies of his debut CD before being dropped by RCA.

I think Chris will sell a lot of records and won't have a problem crossing over into main stream. Obviously, Kelly has been the most succesful idol yet and it's hard to imagine any one of them being as popular as her.


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