Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kelly shakes her groove thing

Jennie Garth, from Beverly Hills 90210 fame, will be joining the next cast of "Dancing with the Stars."

I never really got into that show, a bit on the boring side. I like "so you think you can dance" much better as they have a varity of different dancing techinques such as hip hop.

If you're not watching it already, start Tivo'ing it now!


Oh Brit got the fake hair back on, and you just haven't cleaned up your act at all.
Why do you just hate undergarments? Would a bra here and panties there kill you?
Get it together Spears!
If Tara Reid can do it, so can you.

Cut above the rest

Katie rocks a new cut!

I actually love it, I think it looks much hipper and fresher than her look before.
But you know whats slightly disturbing? Do you remember Nicole Kidman when she was first with Tom Cruise? She was this little mousy, quiet wallflower of a girl and she became a strong, talented fashion diva.
Sound familiar? ....

Something in the oven?

Pregnant or bad angle?


Secret Love!

Ok, it' s been forever since I have blogged, and I'm sorry about that. Things have been way too hectic in my life and they still are. But I couldn't NOT share this with you!
Apparently things are a little tense in preparation for the upcoming American Idol Tour...At least between Chris Richardson and runner up Blake Lewis. The guys really want to be themselves and be able to live their lives, but realize they have a very young female fan base and it will ruin their image and any possibility of a successful recording career. At least their beds on the bus are really close together and everyone on the 'inside' knows about the hottest AI twosome ever!!!
According to a reliable insider, Blake and Chris are on full blast. They are a couple. This insider says to have some very close friends that are part of the American Idol family.
Hey, I think they look cute together and I'm just jealous that they get to cuddle!