Friday, April 27, 2007

Save your tootsies

Band-Aid Activ-Flex Blister Block Stick, $7, is the latest and greatest invention for blister prevention! It's the end all be all excuse for buying ridiculously expensive and uncomfortable shoes.

This also happens to be great for your wedding day, because let's face it: you can't really break in your wedding shoes without running the risk of getting them dirty!

This new product is an invisible shield that you swipe over the areas on your feet where you would normally get a blister. It actually looks kinda like a deodorant stick.

It coats and protects the skin from being rubbed raw by the friction of your shoe. And, because it's invisible, it's safe to wear with open toe shoes and it isn't messy so it won't damage your shoes.



At 2:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoopi talked about this product on 'the view' this a.m....she loves it! I am looking for it, guess it will be at walgreen's...

At 6:34 PM, Anonymous WP Robot said...

I'm going to check these out!

I do a lot of endurance walking (distance of 100 miles and more) and I have found the following things very helpful in preventing or delaying blisters as well:

1. Vaseline on my soles and toes
2. Wearing 2 pairs of socks
3. Visiting my physiotherapist regularly to ensure I am moving correctly
4. Cushioned inner soles
5. Synthetic socks, not cotton socks.

Not sure all these would work for a wedding day, though!


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