Thursday, April 26, 2007

Out of my way

While most of us were settling down to watch Sopranos on Sunday night, Jesse James, motorcycle mega man and hubby to Sandra Bullock, was trying not to get killed.

No, he wasn't acting as stunt double. He was trying to avoid getting run over. Yes, that's right. Some crazy bitch that is obsessed with Bullock almost killed James during a bizaare and dangerous attack at their OC home.

TMZ have the details: Cops say that Bullock, along with James' 10-year-old child, looked on in horror as Marcia Valentine "attempted 3 or 4 times to run Jesse James over with her silver Mercedes."

Jesse was never struck by the car during the alleged incident. We're told Valentine also "laid in the driveway and wouldn't move."

Orange County Sheriffs were contacted and responded to the scene, but Valentine allegedly fled before they arrived.

After an intense manhunt, officers located Valentine early Monday morning and took her into custody. Valentine is being held on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Wow, that's one crazy broad!


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