Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This and That

Looks like Cameron is trying her best to move on from her broken heart.

She's been spotted in Hawaii catching some waves and getting snuggly with hot surfer, Kelly Slater.

Nice comeback kid!

John and Jessica are heating up and are finally coming out as a couple.

They have been spotted all over town, going to dinner and spending some time together.

Looks like Jess even get to go on the tour bus.


I'm really glad these two are working out so far. They seem like complete opposites, but sometimes that's the best thing.

Here's Nicole's new blond bob.

It looks like her hair is pretty damaged from all the dying and over processing. Yikes!

Check her out rocking some old school ray bans!

P. Diddy just can't resist taking a peek at Jessicas golden globes at the, well, the Golden Globes.

Who are these two terribly thing girls?

It's Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen.

That Mary Kate has some intresting fashion sense. She loves dressing like an eccentric, rich elderly socialite.

Everyone has been so focused on Nicole Richie's 80 lb frame that no one is keeping an eye on her. She looks like she could just blow away if a gust of wind came by!

Oh Brit Brit. You're really blowing it girlfriend.

You has a shot at a worldwide comeback, and now it's all gone down the pisser.

Why do you insist on wearing those hideous sunglasses? You look ridiculous.

Your table manners are embarrasing and disgusting.

That weave is broke and tired and needs to be buried.

And what the hell are you wearing?

I'm rooting for you, but even I'm grossed out.

Come on Brit, hire a stylist and actually listen to them!

Well well, look who's looking like a million bucks. See Brit, this could have been you.

Tara Reid is still knocking it out of the park. She's dressing like a respectable woman, she's not drinking herself into a coma at every club in Hollywood, and she invested in some good hair.

Looking hot Tara! Keep it up!


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At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved this.
Who wouldn't hang with Kelly Slater if given the chance?!
Thanks for the fun read.
Love you!

At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And how much fun would hanging out on John Mayer's tour bus be?
I'm just saying, pro surf lessons (Kelly Slater, last post) and a hanging out on a wicked cool tour bus would be really cool! That's all.
Hee, hee.
Hope you are feeling well today.
Love you,

At 7:55 AM, Blogger Gina said...

Hanging out in Hawaii getting surfing lessons from a hot surefer like Kelly, sounds right up your alley Fi!

At 7:56 AM, Blogger Gina said...

Oh, and I would LOOVVVEE to hang out on John Mayer's tour bus with him. We should have jumped at our chance to tour with they guys from Big Bad Voodo Daddy when we they were begging us to go with them. Darn it!


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