Monday, January 22, 2007

Open up and say AHHH!

I woke up yesterday morning with a tooth ache.

I hoped it would go away as the day wore on, but it didn't.

Last night it was really hurting. This morning I woke up and realized I had no choice but to go to the dentist.

I hate the dentist.

I try to avoid going at all costs. I have been going there since I was about 14, and it's one of my least favorite places. Don't get me wrong, the staff is very nice, but what they do there can never be nice. When it involves drills and needles, I'm usually out that door.

I called them up and they were able to squeeze me in this morning at 9am. Turns out that a tooth that I had a root canal on about 15 years ago needed a re treat. My dentist said it was common and I should feel lucky it lasted that long.

So my gums were injected with "numbing" stuff, that was delivered in a huge pointy needle.

Yes, a sharp needle being pushed into my gums about 8 times.

Look at the size of that thing!

Kill me now.

I endured the unpleasantness of having the root canal and the pain and the noise of the drill (that was so loud and menacing it's as if it was being drilled directly into my eardrum!) and the feeling of my tooth shavings hitting my tongue and that smell, and the lock jaw and the white knucles....ugh!

And as if it wasn't painful enough, I also have to fork over $1,200 to pay for it all. And that's with insurance. I could be putting that money towards something much more important, and fun! But no, let me pay you to hurt me. Good times.

I have to go back next monday because they have to put a new crown on it.

Wow, the fun never ends!


At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sorry I was so insensitive last night. Thank you so much for coming to see me even though you had been through such a traumatic day. You really made my night.

At 9:24 AM, Blogger Gina said...

you weren't insenstive AC! There were more important issues at hand than a silly tooth ache. But as soon as I'm all healed, I will totally take you up on your skinny cow offer!


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