Friday, November 03, 2006

Sex on the big screen

Could it really be true? Could the big screen version of Sex and the City still be a flickering flame of maybe??

Stars SARAH JESSICA PARKER, KRISTIN DAVIS, KIM CATTRALL and CYNTHIA NIXON were set to star in the big screen version of the hit show before the project collapsed.

US OK! magazine reports exclusively that a studio source has confirmed that the long-postponed project is closer to becoming a reality after "substantial negotiations have opened with each of the stars' teams this week".

According to the studio insider, "Obviously, there is still a lot to be worked out contractually, but it would be amazing to get this project off the ground. There is no doubt that fans cannot wait to see them all reunited."

Rumours have circulated since the show ended in 2004 that the project was unable to get off the ground because of behind-the-scenes drama between the actresses.

Kim Cattrall reportedly refused to appear in the feature film, which reportedly doomed the project. Bet she's warming up to the idea now that she has had nothing in the works for some while. Well, there was that sex book that her husband and her wrote together, but it didn't fo very well. I'm sure the fact that they got divorced shortly after completing the book didn't help boost sales. Oopsies.

According to sources, enough time has passed and the stars are willing to put their differences aside and move forward with the highly anticipated project.

Don't tease me SJ. Let me peek into your world and see what's up with you and Big and the rest of the gang. Is your hair still abnormally perfect? (trust me, it's humanly impossible to have curly hair like hers and just wake up and have it be perfect.) Are you still rocking the hot clothes and smoking cigs? I wanna know. So make the movie and make me and millions of others happy. Please?


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