Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Anna Nicole News

The Washington Post states that four other drugs were found in the body of Daniel Smith at the time of his death:

Toxicology reports now being reviewed by Bahamian law enforcement showed the drugs to be eight times the lethal dose.

- Methadone (a heroin substitute commonly used by recovering drug addicts, also prescribed as a pain reliever)

- Zoloft (an antidepressant)

- Lexapro (an antidepressant)

- Benadryl (an antihistamine sold over the counter)

- Pseudoephedrine (an over-the-counter decongestant commonly sold under the brand name Sudafed)

- Ambien (a prescription sleep medication)and- An additional drug which has yet to be identified

That's a whole lot of drugs to be in one body. Was anyone supervising his intake of all of these toxins? Was this on a daily basis? What doctor was prescribing all of that?

There is a new report that Anna Nicole was hospitalized this week in the same hospital her son died. She was diagnosed with pneumonia underwent a procedure on Tuesday to drain fluid from a lung that had partially collapsed.

What else could possible go wrong?


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