Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Today Matt and I are going to get our marriage license...I guess this is really happening huh? It's weird because I was much more aware of it when it was a month away, and now that it's 17 days away, I'm just kind of like "yup, it's 18 days away." It feels further away then it did a month ago. I'm not sure why because the days are flying by. I have to schedule a time to sleep. With my family coming out tomorrow, it's going to be bananas! Take a little peak at my schedule (and keep in mind that I am also working 9 hours a day) And whenever I say "with my family" that is including my peeps from London, so it's about 20 of us!

Wednesday 08/16 - carpets cleaned, go get marriage license, go to JLTM to get our new dining room table, go to Home Depot to pick up new chairs for the back yard, pick up wedding shoes, get nails done, go home and wash my hair, get to Fi's by 8pm to watch "So you think you can dance" finale and "Rockstar elimintion."

Thursday 8/17-LAX to pick up my family:)

Friday 8/18-Celebrate my birthday with friends and family even though its not for another 10 days, this was the only open night to do it!)

Saturday 8/19-Happy birthday Dimitri! Also my bridal shower (hosted by my amazing and gorgeous sister, Lexie)

Sunday 8/20- Nicolas Alexander's Baptism - as the Godparents, Matt and I will be standing at the alter together...a good test run for Sept. 2nd

Monday 8/21 & Tuesday 8/22 -Mexico here I come! Going to Baja with my family to get our lobster and corona on! Happy birthday Marcus on 8/22!!

Wed 8/23- Dinne at Dimitri and Courtney's house

Thurs 8/24 - Final dress fitting (wow)

Friday 8/25- Pageant of the Masters with Matty, Shaney Wayney and Fifo (cant wait)

Saturday 8/26- My hen night with family This is what they call a bacholerette party in London. My family can party, so I'm really looking forward to this night!

Sunday 8/27 - I actually have a free day. Well, as of tight now it's free. My girlfriends got me a wonderful gift certificate to Burke Williams spa..maybe I'll book a massage?

Monday 8/28 - Happy Birthday to me:) Dinner at Joes Crab shack with all my family

Tues 8/29 -Wine tasting in temecula for the day with my family.

Wed 8/30 - pack for honeymoon....holy shit, the wedding is in 3 days!

Thurs 8/31-night at the races with family with dinner to follow

Friday 9/01- church run through and rehersal dinner (how am i going to sleep tonight?)

Saturday 09/02 - this is it. It's time to get this show on the road!

So, as you can see, my schedule is a tad packed. But it's all good because it's all awesome things that I'm really looking forward to. Although I will be happy to have my life back AW. (that's After the Wedding- a little phrase coined by my homey, Lanie.)


At 8:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Gi and Matty update. Wow, my head is spinning!!
Have fun!! Enjoy! What am I saying? Of course, you will!!

Only 16 full days left of being engaged. You're only engaged once, so you might at well party it out!!

Love you!

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Gina said...

16 We're so busy, but we're having so much fun. We can always sleep in Hawaii...


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