Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I think we're alone now

I have always had a roommate. It's never been something horrible (except that asshole Shawn Delgadio) but of course I'd prefer to not have one. There are many perks to not having a roommate, such as having the freedom to to whatever I want without worrying about someone else being there. Not having to hide my laundry detergent because they will just help themselves. Being able to fall asleep at midnight without having to hear the squeaky pipes of the shower kick on and run for a good half hour. Coming home from work and not having every light in the house on, even though there's no one home. How hard is it to turn off the light behind you?

Well, last last and final roommate moved out! Oh happy daaaaaay...ohhhh happpy day! Matt will be moving in once we're married and we'll have the place all to ourselves! I guess it will be like having a roommate because we'll be living under the same roof, but in a good way, not in an "there's a stranger in my house" kinda of way.

Since Matt's moving in, he is wanting to reorganize everything and move things around and I totally understand that. There's only one problem. He's totally non clutter, everything put away in it's proper place kind of guy and I'm..well...I'm not. I like clutter and things out where I can see them. I like to have 8 picture frames on a table because they are great photos and shouldn't be hidden in an album. I don't mind having stuff like gel, toothpaste or moisturizer out on the bathroom counter. Matt likes that stuff all hidden under the sink. Matt is very tidy and organized and likes no clutter. I'm kind of a pack rat (not in that scary "I have 50,000 newspapers on my floor and candy wrappers from 20 years ago on my table" kind of way. More like, "this dry erase board reminds me when Fi and I lived here together so I can't throw it away because it has specific memories attached to it" kind of way.) Good times. Ok, so it will take a little adjusting, but I'm for the challange.

Anyway, last night we went through a bunch of stuff, like the bursting at the seams closet in the upstairs hallway and hauled it all into the garage (about 7 trips!) We put the treadmill in the garage too. (I had good intentions, but then again, doesn't everyone that buys one of those things?) Then we carried the brown sofa from the dining room and put it on the balcony (after Matt gave it a good sweeping of course.) Then we picked up all the furniture and stuff from downstairs and put it outside because the carpets are getting cleaned right now. (Goodbye red wine,Jaegerr shots and whatever else isembeddedd in there.) By the time we got done it was around 11:15pm. Sweaty and smelly and exhausted we took showers and climbed into bed at midnight. Now it was time to do the table assignments for the wedding. (You think I'm kidding.) (I'm not.)

I have heard the horror stories about this particular wedding task. People have said that it's the most stressful thing in the whole world and that tempers flare, arguments fly back and forth and that it can even make you reconsider your upcoming nuptials. So taking on a daunting task of this much magnitude and risk at midnight wasdefinitelyy daring. But Matt and I like to live on the edge. You could call us domestic thrill seekers. So we dived right in.

And guess what? No yelling, no frustration, no trying to pull rank about where who sits and why they should sit with this person. It was awesome. And the best part? We were done in an hour. There is still a little fine tuning to to as we haven't received all the RSVP cards back yet (we have a couple of stragglers) but we're pretty much done. We high fived each otherr a little after 1am and then crashed out. One more thing to check off our list. How much do we rock!

(oh, and if you don't like where you're sitting at the wedding, Matt did it.)


At 1:03 PM, Anonymous Jesse said...

I can't wait for the table of hot single non aloof gay guys you're sitting Erik and I at, you know what they say about single people and weddings!


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