Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Who's that girl?

Who is this average, not particularly gorgeous or glamorous woman? She looks like the average jane out there in the world, right?

Guys-If you saw her in the club or walking down the street, would you do a double take and be instantly smitten? Would you devise a plan to win her over with some lame ass pick up line so that you could try and score her number, and then try to score something else?

Ladies-If you saw her would you think "I wonder what her secret to looking so good is?" Would you silently curse her under your breath for being so naturally beautiful and stunning? Would you mutter that she probably gets everything she wants because guys flock to her? Would you assume that men want her and woman want to be her?

Well, just who is this average lady running errands and going about her day???



Eva Longoria!

Well, it's amazing what a little make up and hairspray can do. This plain jane, who you wouldn't even give a second glace to, is transformed. Even when she's in "casual" mode seen here, she's still done up. At least it looks natural and not too over done.

Now imagine how amazing we'd look if we had our very own glam squad to get us ready every morning?!!!


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At 8:33 AM, Blogger Kieran said...

I'm afraid I double take at most women, ugly or not.

That contrast reminds me of the difference between Celine Dion pre and post fame. Thank the lord for photography (:


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