Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! I hope you all had a great one.

This year was the last one that would take place in Elden Manor (sniff sniff) so I was a little on the nostalgic side. I've lived here for almost 5 years and I'll miss it. Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited to hopefully buy a house with Matt and begin our life together, without a doubt! But the sentimental part of me is sad to leave. So many good times. No, scratch that..amazing times! It's where Fi and I lived and became grown ups (for the most part) and did all those things that wanted to cross off our list before we turned 30 (for the most part.) It was the best and I'm feeling a little sad to say goodbye to it all.

We started off the holiday on Monday night. Shane, Fi and Eva came over to christen our new keg-o-rater. (well, Eva stuck to her sippy cup of milk..come on, I'm not an animal!) Matty loves it and if it had legs and could get down the isle, he just might propose to it.

It was neither an early night nor an alcohol free one. But it was great to just relax and chill outside drinking beers and chatting away. Eva was such a good girl that she went to sleep on my couch so that Mom and Dad could hang out. (Of course Daddy was drinking water for the second half of the night.)

On Tuesday morning, Matty and I woke up early to head down to HB to watch the parade. Because it's so crazy packed down there, we parked away from Main street and then rode our bikes in. My bike totally rocks. It's purple and has a bell. (It used to have a basket, but I'm not quite sure what happened to it.) It was hotter then hell in HB and like a dumb ass, I didn't put on any sunscreen. I was sitting in the direct rays for about 2 hours and got pretty fried. It's hard for me to burn, in fact I think it's only happened twice in my life. Well, make that 3 times.

After the parade we stopped by 7-11 and then went and bought fireworks (I can't believe sparklers are against the law now!) and then headed home. The peeps came over around 4pm and we enjoyed the afternoon together.

The kids threw down water balloons, the adults threw down beers. We had a yummy spread of the usual fanfare. Hot doggers, sides, veggies, chips, dessert, deviled eggs etc. I love my girls. Check out how hot they are!!! I wish Moe could have been there too! I miss that bitch!

Once the sun went down, the fireworks came out and we all oooh'd and aaaaah'd. Another 4th of July in the bag. I can't believe this marks eight years that we've all been friends together. 8 strong years of the Peppertree gang in full effect. Word! I couldn't ask for a more amazing group of people to share my life with. They are truly incredible friends that I'm blessed with. Oh, and what's a 4th of July celebration without the annual group photo? Our group was a little smaller this time since some peeps were unable to make it, but we still represented.

(I have been trying since yesterday to put a photo here, but it won't let me so I will put it in it's own post.)


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